2016 San Diego Team Qualifications

Prerequisites for making San Diego Team for 2016 Team Tourney. Any of the following qualifications will make a player eligible for team play:

Open Division (5 players)

  • Have a 1000+ player rating or above
  • Finish in the top three Open players in the 2016 Course Championship
  • Win two Open division Morley Monthlies in the current year having shot a two round cumulative round of -20 or better.
  • Win three Open division Morley Monthlies in the current year.
  • Win an Open position in the year end grinder competition. Winner of the Course Championship Amateur is qualified for grinder play. All other competitors must be San Diego County based open division players only.

Masters Division (4 players)

  • Have a player rating of 980+
  • Finish the top Masters age player in the course championship
  • Win a PDGA A tier event in the Pro Masters division the current year
  • Win 2 B tier PDGA events in the Masters division in the current year
  • Win a Masters position in the year end grinder competition

Grandmaster Division (2 players)

  • Have a player rating of 960+
  • Win an A tier PDGA event in the Pro GM in the current year
  • Win a GM position in the year end grinder.

Women’s Division (1 player)

  • Winner of the current years course championship if not a PDGA Women’s pro player will receive highest consideration and will be eligible to compete against selected PDGA Women’s Pro candidates. 
  • This division is the most problematic to pick a candidate since we have so few women competing. Any interested women should make their desires known to anyone in the pro shop and we will try to arrange a Women’s grinder if necessary.

Snapper's Wrap Up - 2016 Spring Fling

The Spring Fling is a “B” tier PDGA qualifier tourney for the Am Worlds to be held in Michigan this year. Players here competed in one of seven different divisions delineated by either age or player rating. The highest division contested was the Advanced Division.

This year's all amateur bash was won by three time Advanced champion Jonathon Maki. His dad John Maki made it a family affair by winning the Grandmaster (men over 50) division. Traveling veteran Pam Vaughn won the women’s division. Drake Avila shooting a tournament best -8 (player rating 990) in the first round held on to win the Intermediates. The ever steady Patrick Franklin won the Recreational division by a stroke. The Am Masters (men over 40) was won by local Mike Lamb. And the amazing nine year old Xalen Nash crushed the junior division by 22 strokes.

This event is one of only three tournaments each year here at Morley played on a closed course. This event which included lunch provided by Amplified Ale and Beer Gardens was a great improvement based on player comments over the anticipated Costco pizza usually served at this event.

The player package also included a tourney T-shirt (artwork by Chris Dilloway) and two mini’s as well as entry to the free drawing where over 60 items (hats, shirts, bags etc.) were given away to entrants who remained after the end of play and before awards.

The tourney was played on two entirely different layouts with all holes being changed between rounds while the players ate lunch. At least 40% of all divisions won prizes including two portable Discraft Chain Star baskets, two Latitude Luxury E3 Disc Golf bags and a Dynamic Disc Ranger Disc Golf Bag all as first place prizes in various divisions.

Prizes were donated by the Morley Field Disc Golf Pro Shop, Innova Disc Golf, Discraft, Dynamic Distribution, MVP discs, Gateway Discs, and Legacy Discs.

There were two aces in the tourney Clint Calvin aced hole 13 and Michael Sheridan hole 16 in the first round. 

This year we had a different entry arrangement. Capitulating to modern efficiencies we had online entries available for 60 potential entrants on DGU. These went fast. We held back 35 entries that had to be filled in by hand and turned into the shop. These lasted two weeks before filling. Allowing all those individuals who are local but not necessarily aware that SoCal tourneys with online registration usually fill within a few days a chance to still get into the tournament. I think the system worked fine we’ll do it again next year in a similar fashion.

I’d like to thank all the sponsors and staff: Mac, Eric, EJ, Joanne, Alex and Oscar. Also all the shop staff: Tyler, Mitch, Tom, Chris, Chris again, Garrett, Jesse, Chet, Wic and Mike.

Till next year… Z ya

View Full Results and Pictures of the Winners

Remembering Donny Olow

A memorial was held on Saturday, March 26th to honor and celebrate the memory of Donny Olow, a beloved member of the Morley Field family. There were nearly 50 people present for the memorial ceremonies which ranged from open mic Donny stories at the picnic area, to the planting of a memorial tree on hole three in his name, and the dedication of his bench next to men's bathroom where he always sat greeting people and selling aces bag tags.

Donny's brother and sister sitting on his memorial bench.

Donny's brother and sister sitting on his memorial bench.

See more pics on the Donny Olow Memorial Facebook page.

Snapper's Wrap Up - 2015 Southwester Team Disc Golf Invitational

This year’s team tourney ran smooth as silk right on time and the weather cooperated perfectly. Several dozen people showed up on Friday before the tourney putting contest to get autographs from some of the disc golf luminaries. They weren’t disappointed.

This year’s tourney saw the return of 4 time world champion Paul McBeth  after a 4 year hiatus from this event. He led the Huntington Beach team to their second win ever in the 35 year history of this event held each year the first weekend in December here at Morley. McBeast punctuated their victory by throwing and ace on hole 13 in the finals while throttling the Steve Rico lead team from Sylmar. 

Sylmar won the prelims 6-1 beating Huntington Beach 7.5-4.5. Huntington Beach after a slow start won both their Sunday morning matches and secured the second seed with a 5-2 record going into the finals. They then carried their momentum into the finals beating Sylmar 9.5-2.5. 

Team San Diego had an off year. Several long time members were unable to play this year and the team had its’ worst showing ever. Finishing next to last in the eight team event with a 2-5 record in the prelims. On a positive note for team San Diego rookie member Jonathan Maki, Am winner of the Spring Fling and long time team pro member Mike Slonim both had a marvelous 5-1-1 record to lead the beleaguered locals.

This event is a marathon of disc golf on Saturday with each player playing 5 matches and completing 60 competitive holes between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Lunch is provided at the noon break each year by Amplified Aleworks formerly known as Cali Kebab. Players nosh on chicken, lamb, pita bread and falafels along with salad while recounting the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s of their morning matches.

Innova Champion, Discraft, Dynamic  Distribution, Gateway, Legacy and Millennium again donated discs and free drawing swag for the players. The winning team gets $250 per player a nice custom plaque from NP Trophies and 5 discs per player. Second place gets $120 and 3 discs per player. The team captain keeps the big perpetual trophy and adds their name to the plaque. Finally, The Spirit of the Event trophy went to Team Oak Grove for the first time ever plus they received 5 discs per team member. 

Big thanks to all the staff: Mac, EJ, Jesse, My wife Joanne, Tommy, Mike, Mitch, Tyler, Chet, Garrett, Angel and of course Scooby. Special thanks to Chris Dilloway who provided the art this year and played on the team as well.

Till next year…
Z ya

Paul McBeth - Ace on Hole #13

Thanks to Central Coast Disc Golf for filming at the 2015 Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational and catching some great action like this Ace by Paul McBeth on Hole #13.

http://www.innovadiscs.com/ http://www.patreon.com/CCDG http://ccdg.discgolf.io/ -- STORE http://centralcoastdiscgolf.net/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/CentralCoastDiscGolf/144591182316849 ...

35 Annual Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational - Finals

2015 Champs - Huntington Beach

2015 Champs - Huntington Beach

2015 Runner Ups - Sylmar

2015 Runner Ups - Team Sylmar

Day One Matches

Day Two Matches

Rounds 1 thru 7 Point Totals

35th Annual 2015 Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational - Day One Results

Saturday Results (First 5 Matches)

Match 1

San Diego 6 - Oak Grove 6

Arizona 8 - Huntington Beach 4

Redwood Empire 5 - Santa Cruz 7

Sylmar 9 - SoCal 3

Match 2

San Diego 4 - Huntington Beach 8

Arizona 4.5 - Oak Grove 7.5

Redwood Empire 9.5 - SoCal 2.5

Sylmar 6 - Santa Cruz 6

Match 3

San Diego 3.5 - Santa Cruz 8.5

Arizona 8 - SoCal 4

Redwood Empire 4.5 - Oak Grove 7.5

Sylmar 7 - Huntington Beach 5

Match 4

San Diego 9 - SoCal 3

Arizona 7.5 - Santa Cruz 4.5

Redwood Empire 6 - Huntington Beach 6

Sylmar 5.5 - Oak Grove 6.5

Match 5

San Diego 4.5 - Sylmar 7.5

Arizona 3.5 - Redwood Empire 8.5

SoCal 2 - Huntington Beach 10

Santa Cruz 8.5 - Oak Grove 3.5

*Ties are broken by points scored in match play. See scoreboard at Tournament HQ for details.

Sunday (2 Matches then finals)

Tee off is at 8am sharp and will be preceded by a players meeting. Make sure to arrive early to find out what hole you start on.

Spring Fling 2015 - Snapper's Wrap Up

This year’s Spring Fling was a very smooth running event. Staff had all the scorecards, tourney boards and prize packages completed and ready well before the event even began. The course was arguably in the best shape ever with the Jacaranda’s in full bloom and the grass bright green from the recent and much needed rains. We had a full field of 95 amateur players spanning 7 different competitive categories. This was our first year as a Dynamic Distribution primary sponsored event. They provided each of the players with a Lucid Escape in their player packages. They also donated other discs, shirts and cozies as prizes for the players. We still had our other usual sponsors of Innova, Discraft, Gateway, Legacy, Millennium, Vibram and MVP. Each of the players received a shirt, disc, coozie, deck of cards and 2 mini’s in their player packages . They also got lunch (Pizza, salad and drink) and entry to the huge free drawing where we gave away over $600 in donated items from the disc manufactures. For the first year their greens fees were also included in their entry. Each player competed for two rounds on a rare closed course. Full results are available on PDGA.com/events. In the premiere category of Advanced amateur long time local Jonathon Maki lead from start to finish winning by a convincing 4 strokes over top contenders Carlos Caballero, Jet Tydingco and much traveled Brandon Langston. For his efforts Jonathan won a Discraft Chainstar basket valued at $375. Over $4500 in prizes were awarded to over 40% of the field in this event. Additionally, plaques or framed certificates were awarded to the top two players in each category. Among the prizes were 2 Chainstar baskets, a Dynamic Distribution basket, an Innova Skillshot basket, 4 Ranger bags and a host of other disc golf paraphernalia. Each of the players also had a chance to win a Skillshot basket in the ring of fire during the lunch break for a $1 fee. James Barnes was our basket winner.

The Intermediate and Recreational divisions were won by the brothers Chris Dilloway and Andy Dilloway. Women’s and Masters were won by the expecting couple of Allie Robles and Chet Morse. Grandmasters was won by another long time local Christian Cullen. Finally, our Junior category was won by Beck Russel. On another note we had a rare occurrence of one player, Noel Sanchez shooting the worst in his category (+6) in the first round followed by shooting the tournament best (-9) in the second round. His round was highlighted by a 100’ sidearm skip deuce thru the double mandatory on long 11. Booyea! In front of the tourney director no less. What a turnaround.

I’d like to thank all our sponsors and all the staff Mac, Eric, Oscar, Jesse, Joanne, EJ and all the regular shop and outside staff members for the usual outstanding efforts. Till next year… Z ya!

Spring Fling 2015 - Registration List and Pin Positions

Spring Fling registration list is now available on PDGA.com. If you just signed up and don't see your name yet, don't worry, it takes a little while before we post new registrations. Spring Fling hole positions will be as listed below. On the day of the event, we will let you know if any changes had to be made.


  1. E (Triple Mandatory)
  2. A (Triple Mandatory)
  3. C
  4. C
  5. F
  6. D
  7. C
  8. B
  9. G
  10. A
  11. A
  12. H
  13. A
  14. E
  15. E
  16. D
  17. E
  18. B
  19. B


  1. C
  2. C
  3. E
  4. A
  5. B
  6. F
  7. F
  8. E
  9. B
  10. E
  11. F
  12. E
  13. D
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. F
  18. C
  19. C

Morley Field Spring Fling 2015 - Sign Up Form

Spring Fling sign ups are available at the Morley Field pro shop starting today. You may also print and mail the attached PDF signup sheet or just bring it in to the shop. Entry fee must be paid by cash or check only. Make sure that your PDGA number is current to save you $10 on the entry fee. San Diego Aces and SoCal Disc Golf club members also save $5. Morley Field - Spring Fling 2015