Disc Golf Lingo

Ten Annoying Things #8: "Tossers"

noun (adj).  tó-su(r) - any disc golfer having not earned the right to empty their bag on hole #19 at Morley (against course etiquette anyway). This “right” is set aside for those that actually possess the physical ability to reach (“park”) or surpass the current pin position(s) on hole #19 with their drives.

“Tossers” will confuse most of the following attributes as justification to empty their bag… - Many “play bands” on their quad-straps - Their tee shot (distance in feet) = (their weight) +15ft - A full Innova Competition bag or larger - “Brand spankin new” discs - Own one or more Discraft Nuke(s) - Are wearing a Huk-Lab or DD hat or shirt

(Now so no one takes offense, this writer can 1) barely out throw his weight 2) has 2 new Innova Destroyers and 3) owns a Huk-Lab tek-dry shirt. I know my place.)

If you are still not sure if you are a “Tosser” listen for feedback. If you hear “WOWs! after your throws,  you’re good to go. If there is silence or mumbling coming from behind as you walk of the pad, you probably are a “Tosser”.

(note: file under humor / laugh at yourself once in a while)

Disc Golf Lingo: "Discribing"

discribing - (disc - cribing) the activity of using a Sharpie to place identifying marks on the disc used in the game of disc golf. EXAMPLE IN A SENTENCE - "Because I had no time for discribing, everything in my bag is just as purchased. The problem, I lost a disc in the trees and now the finder won't be able to disctinguish who the owner is.