Course Map and Rules

Course Map

Course Rules

  • Play bands or monthly passes must be displayed at all times
  • Group size is limited to 6 players on a hole at a time
  • Larger or slower moving groups should offer to allow smaller and faster moving groups to play through
  • Yell "fore" to alert other players of an errant throw heading in their direction
  • Dogs are welcome but must be on leash at all times
  • Glass bottles are not permitted
  • Please respect the trees and vegetation
  • Help keep our park beautiful by disposing of any trash in the provided garbage cans
  • Please return all unclaimed discs found on the course to the pro shop.

OB and Mandatories

  1. Both parking lots. Outside of curb and outside of posts define OB.
  2. Both parking lots.
  3. Pershing Dr. and inside of drain hole.
  4. Pershing Dr. and inside of drain hole.
  5. Over fence sidewalk and beyond.
  6. Sidewalk and beyond and Jacaranda Dr.
  7. Jacaranda Dr. and sidewalk and beyond.
  8. Sidewalk and beyond.
  9. Over fence, sidewalk, and beyond.
  10. Over fence.
  11. No OB. Double Mandy between palms when in deepest position.
  12. Over fence or inside drain pipe. Mandy left of tallest tree.
  13. Over all fences except the one in front of the tee pad for 14.
  14. On top of the bathroom or inside the bathroom. (over sidewalk not OB).
  15. Over fence and to the right of all area bordered by tall tree and end of the fence. (red line painted on the ground)
  16. Inside Nursery. Discs hitting the inside of the fence have never reached fair ground and would be played at the last spot over fair ground.
  17. Pershing Dr.
  18. On top of bathroom or inside bathroom or on top of either cargo container, also inside of drain pipe. Mandy to the right of tall flagged pole in front of tee pad when playing hole 18 in the far left pin placement only.
  19. Pershing Dr. and parking lot.