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2015 Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational

2015 Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational Dates: December 5th and 6th, 2015

Host Hotel: Best Western Seven Seas

We have reserved a block of 21 rooms near the heated pool and 2 spa’s on the property. Their phone # is 1-800-328-1618. Tell them you’re with the “Team Tournament”. The rate is $72 per night plus tax for a Queen bed or 2 double beds. They allow up to quad occupancy per room. Rooms have a refrigerator (and microwaves on request). The hotel offers free airport shuttle and free shuttle to the SD Zoo and Sea World. The grounds are 12 acres and have a comfortable lush feel. The onsite restaurant opens at 6:30 am everyday and closes at 10:30 at night. There is a nice bar right next to the pool with flat screen TV’s. They have a pool table in a separate room inside and a new ping pong table outside by the main Jacuzzi as well. Players may secure late check out of 1 pm on Sunday for those needing it. The cutoff date for getting this special rate is thru 11-30-14. So make those reservations early.  The hotel is located at 411 Hotel Circle South, San Diego 92108.  Those coming in on I-5 would take I-8 east to the second hotel circle exit. Turn left at the stop sign at end of freeway off ramp and travel 200 yards paralleling freeway to the last hotel on right (Seven Seas Best Western) before the road turns under the freeway.

Entry Fees/Player Packages: This year’s entry fees are $80 per player to be paid to the team captains who I’ll meet with on Friday afternoon to give them their swag before the putting contest which starts at 2:30 pm at the course. This year’s player package has yet to be determined. Options will be discussed with team captains before making the final decision.

Format of Play: As always the event is a match play event with the top two teams from the round robin round playing a 19 hole final .  We will have scorecards with the schedule posted on it and maps of both the extra holes and directions to and from the course to the tourney motel posted soon on the website. The tournament putting contest has $300 cash in it and will be contested at the course starting at 2:30 p.m. on Friday before the tournament.

As in the past a tie in the preliminary round robin rounds is broken by individual match points for that round being totaled up. If it remains a tie it will be broken by the #1 player for each of the two teams playing a sudden death match play from hole 1 prior to the finals if and only if the outcome would have an effect on who gets into the finals. Otherwise it remains a tie in the records.

Also as with all round robin tourneys whether they be Disc Golf, DDC or Ultimate the tie breaking method is clearly delineated in the WFDF rule book; The tie breaking scenario is spelled out in the WFDF Official Rules of Flying Disc Sports. ”206.04 Tie Breaking Procedures: In round-robin play, ties in which two teams have identical win/loss records, are broken by virtue of the head-to-head match in that round. If three or more teams are tied, the following procedure is used to advance one team:

A. If one of the teams has the best record against the other teams with whom they are tied in that round, advance that team.

B. If the tie remains, rank the net point totals of each team from those games played against the other tied teams, and advance the team with the best net point total.

If another team must also be advanced, the following procedure is used:

A. If advancement must be decided between two teams which remain from a previous three team tie, the head-to-head match in that round shall be used.”

Team Captains:

San Diego: Micah Dorius

Santa Cruz: Jim Hagen

Huntington Beach: Chris Brophy

Arizona: Dan Ginnelly

Redwood Empire: Roger Cansler

Sylmar: Mike Byrne

SoCal: Randy Wylot

Oak Grove: Erin White


Practice Rounds: Please remember Morley is a pay to play course as such players arriving at the course on Friday wishing to practice do need to pick up and pay for playbands before beginning practice rounds on Friday.

Thank you and good luck to all,

Z you here,


Team Rosters

San Diego

  1. Micah Dorius
  2. Max Nichols
  3. Carlos Caballero
  4. Chris Dilloway
  5. Jonathon Maki
  6. Ed Speakman
  7. Mike Slonim
  8. Mike Tyberg
  9. Shane Dehner
  10. Dan Shorkey
  11. Jeff Nichols
  12. Kimmy Cottrell

Santa Cruz

  1. Matt Bell
  2. Don Smith
  3. Dylan Evans
  4. Wes Morrison
  5. Hyuma Ohkawa
  6. Tim Messer
  7. Stevo Henkis
  8. Jim Hagen
  9. Manny Fernandez
  10. Doug Werner
  11. David Hevia
  12. Sarah Hokom

Huntington Beach

  1. Paul McBeth
  2. Kyle Eckmann
  3. Jeff Spohr
  4. Chris Kunde
  5. Tommy Eckmann
  6. Mike Raley
  7. Dan Duron
  8. Chris Brophy
  9. Richard Ewald
  10. Mark Collicott
  11. Steve Killian
  12. Kara Kochman


  1. David Feldberg
  2. Paul Ulibarri
  3. Mike Lassuy
  4. Pete Ulibarri
  5. Anthony Barela
  6. Sam Russ
  7. Chris Lombardo
  8. Mike Milne
  9. Steve Johnson
  10. Dan Ginnelly
  11. Harvey Brandt
  12. Catrina Allen

Redwood Empire

  1. Lewis Bitney
  2. Brad Armstrong
  3. Sias Elmore
  4. Jacob Tupper
  5. Mark Patnode
  6. Peter Sontag
  7. Jeff Fiedler
  8. Roger Cansler
  9. Jake Shultz
  10. Scott Riley
  11. Kevin Parkhurst
  12. Anni Kreml


  1. Steve Rico
  2. Bobby Musick
  3. Brian Vagi
  4. Freddie Sotelo
  5. Bamba Rico
  6. Gabe Cota
  7. Super
  8. Mike Byrne
  9. Gary Sandoval
  10. Jerry Goff
  11. Rick Hoffa
  12. Ohn Scoggins


  1. Jason Perdue
  2. Nick Newton
  3. Scott  Miller
  4. Dallas Snow
  5. A.J. Risley
  6. Dean Ryan
  7. Mike Williams
  8. Chris Johnson
  9. John Maki
  10. Randy Wylot
  11. Chris Dodds
  12. Alaina Maloney

Oak Grove

  1. Philo Brathwaite
  2. Gabriel Gonzales
  3. Chris Horn
  4. Brandon Kirkendall
  5. Eric Oakle
  6. Dagoberto Bribiesca
  7. Randy Saab
  8. Osha Mishan
  9. Ralph Hammond
  10. Jeff Toland
  11. Mark Horn
  12. Erin White
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