Morley Player Profile - David “D. Bear” Butcher

Began Playing Disc Golfbutcher1I began playing object disc golf in 1972. I was training Killer Whales for Sea World and between shows / training sessions I would get the other trainers together and make up a game hitting trees, park benches, whatever. We put together a club with a small trophy that would rotate to each winner. We would play weekly in parks like Presidio, Kate Sessions, and play night golf through the museums in Balboa Park.

First Disc My first disc was a yellow 119 Frisbee. I loved that disc. It was magic. Then they started making golf discs and I started throwing Stratus and Phantom discs.

Favorite Hole at Morley: I like throwing through the trees on hole #17.

Aces: Just got my 16th ace 0n Feb.1, 2009 on hole 10.

Favorite Disc: It used to be the Orc, for Orca, get it? But now it’s the Star Destroyer.

Favorite Midrange: I like both the Squall and Comet. “Don’t turn over a turnover disc”.

Favorite Putter: I can’t put so what’s it matter.

In My Bag : JK Aviar, 3 Squalls, Comet, 3 Destroyers, XD, Orc, Wraith, and I used a have a Rattler until I through it in the ocean trying to impress my girlfriend on how to throw it into the wind and have it come back to you.

Favorite Website: I don’t spend much time on websites, I’d rather be playing.

Favorite Pro player: Micah Dorius and Snapper . I have enjoyed playing and sharing the game with both of them.

Tips: Learn the 3 step release, slow down and try to get rid of as many moving parts of your swing as you can. Confidence is huge in this game and the more you practice with success the better you become. Don’t turn bogeys into double bogeys. But most of all enjoy yourself and others around you.