Weekly Doubles

Weekly Doubles Have Started Again

Now that the time change has allowed for more light in the evening, weekly doubles are back on. Wednesday Night Doubles for Open/Advanced Players

  • $10 + Play Band for entry
  • Sign up by 4:30PM
  • Random Draw Partners

Friday Night Doubles A/B Pool with Scoring Handicaps

  • $6 +  Play Band for entry
  • Sign up by 4:15PM
  • A pool for players averaging under par
  • B pool for players averaging over par
  • Rules for the night and handicaps assigned when partners are drawn

Become A Morley Field News Reporter!

Q: Who won Wednesday night doubles?A: Don't know

Q: Who won Friday night doubles? A: How would I know?

Well now is YOUR chance to bring the news to the masses! If you'd like to send in the scores for any Morley tag match or doubles nights let us know. It can be as simple as sending a text or even just a photo of the scoreboard. Send an email to markwilsonsd@yahoo.com


It's Friday Night Doubles Time!

Friday night "dubs" start Friday, March 22nd double dragon av

Tee of at 5pm sharp. Get to the course early to get your name in for the random draw. Have fun and PLEASE remember, Friday night "dubs" are about competition, fun, and A-tier players showing the B-Tier players how its done.

If you've got "too much game" to have fun then look forward to Wednesday night doubles to earn that desired "course cred" there. Details on Wednesday events tba.