The 2010 "Morleys": Video Of The Year

With well over 4,000 more hits than its closest competitor, "Disc Golf Head Shot" takes the Video Of The Year award at the "First Annual Morleys". Caution: may be hard to watch but it's ok to laugh as the "recipient" was yours truly, mdub. Other than the drop of a few IQ points, all is well. Luckily it hit the hardest part of the body...the forehead. Although it looks staged, the "shot" was intended to fly waaaaaaaaaaay overhead.Way. Overhead.

Disc Golf Tutorial Videos - Power Grips of the Pros

There are hundreds of instructional disc golf videos on the net but not all come from players that actually excel at the sport. Beginning this month we will begin posting a video every few weeks in hopes you can glean something from the pros. We might as well start with the best in the game - Dave Feldberg