Challenge Board

With the recent re-introduction of the Morley field a challenge board there has been a huge increase in the competitive play at Morley Field. Having both an A and a B board it accommodates to all skill levels while offering a competitive environment to help hone your skills. At $6 a spot and $5 for a match, every time you step onto the course presents an opportunity to have a tournament setting round.

After two months of matches, the top 8 players; 1. Clint Calvin 2. Grant Fisher 3. Drake Avila 4. Mike Ballestas 5. Matt Jankowski 6. Mike Westerman 7. Donny Burdette 8. Billy Donovan, duked it out this weekend in a double elimination match play series on Saturday leaving 4 players left for a 19 hole round on Sunday to determine the winner. Executing shot after shot and pinpoint accuracy on the green; 2. Grant Fisher beat 7. Donny Burdette and 4. Mike Ballestas to secure his spot in the final. 3. Drake Avila also went 2-0, beating 6. Mike Westerman and 1. Clint Calvin to take his spot in Sunday’s final.

In the end of Saturday’s double elimination 1. Clint Calvin would best 5. Matt Jankowski while 6. Mike Westerman took down 4. Mike Ballestas to give us our final 4 competitors .On a cold, very salty Sunday morning, our 4 competitors started the final round. Starting off hot, Morley’s own, Grant Fisher birdied the first 5 holes in row, laying down an XL over the top roller on 3 and absolutely parking hole 5 with his Leopard to develop an early lead. Grant shot a blazing -7 on the front 9 to lead by 3. With everybody close behind him, Grant continued his stellar play, going 100% inside the circle on the putting green to win by 4 strokes, finishing -13!

The final standings were; 1st Grant Fisher -13 2nd Clint Calvin -9 3rd Mike Westerman -6 4th Drake Avila -2.

With the conclusion of the first successful challenge board event, we will be increasing the stakes to $6 a match with a dollar going into the total pot so that at the end of the next two month cycle there will be more money in the pot. The next final will be the first weekend of February. As well, players now must document their matches at the pro shop, simply to keep track of who’s playing who and who’s winning.

Tags are now available for both the A and B boards so make sure to stop by the pro shop if you would like to join.