Morley Player Profile: Carl "Beanieman" Renda

carlCarl “Beanieman” RendaPDGA#32852 Open/Adv

Began Playing Disc Golf: I played once or twice as a teenager, but never with more than one disc. In October of 2006 I begun playing with one of my friends, and by January 2007 I played in my first tournament and I was hooked.

First Disc: One of the very first run Z-XL’s. Good straight flying disc that could be used as a midrange too. Still had it in my bag until I lost it shortly before Worlds in 2008.

Favorite Hole at Morley: Hole 15. I’ve aced it 3 times, and I know more than a few different ways to get to each pin position.

Morley Field Aces: Four. Hole 15e twice, 15a and 18a.

Favorite Disc: Cryztal Challenger. My game lives and dies by the putter. I put a lot of snap on my putts and a challenger holds a true line with that snap. The Cryztal plastic gives me the feel I need to release it with consistency. I can use it from just about any shot 100 feet and in and feel confident about my opportunity to make the putt.

Favorite Drivers: Champion Wraith, Champion Roadrunner, Sparkle Rogue

Favorite Midranges: Z Comet, FLX Buzzz, Sparkle Wasp

Favorite Putter: Cryztal Challenger is a jump putter’s best friend

In My Bag: Drivers (12) Champion Wraith, Boss, Teerex, Teebird, Roadrunner, Monarch, Destroyer, Sparkle Force, Sparkle Rogue, Cryztal Avenger SS, Z Surge, Z XL   Midranges (5): Z Comet, ESP Buzzz, Cryztal Buzzz SS, Sparkle Wasp, Champ Gator   Putters (2):FLX Challenger, Cryztal Challenger. If you think that’s a lot of plastic, I used to carry 25 when I could throw thumbers and sidearms.

Top Finishes: 1st, 2008 Amateur Mini Disc Golf World Championships (that’s right baby…world champ!) 1st, 2007 December Morley Monthly Advanced 2nd, 2008 San Marcos Ice Bowl Advanced 4th, 2008 Sun Valley Open Advanced 4th, 2008 Ice Bowl in Paradise Advanced 4th, 2008 Fling XII Advanced 4th, 2007 Fling XI Intermediate 5th, 2008 September Morley Monthly Open

Accomplishments: 50th in Amateur PDGA Points internationally 2nd in California and 1st in SoCal, 2008 2008 San Diego Aces Advanced Points Series Champion 1st in California in PDGA events played among amateurs - 2008 2008 Disc Golf Gladiators Advanced Gladiator

Favorite Disc Golf Website: Would have to be, or my DGRUS page. You should also check out and this website,

Favorite Pro Player: The answer to this is obvious. Based on heart, hard work, passion for the game, and since I play pro at Morley, I would have to say myself. Plus if I picked one of the local pros I play with all the rest of them would get pissed. But if I had to pick one out of the top 20, it would have to be Paul McBeth. The kid phenom will be the best in the world one day, and his success hasn’t gone to his head.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Develop a consistent putting routine. 40-50% of your shots are putts, so if you are a strong putter, it will buy you time for the rest of your game to develop. If you commit any amount of time, even as little as 15 minutes of putting practice each time you are at the course, over time you will develop a consistent stroke that is easy to keep in rhythm. I usually commit 45-60 minutes each time I play to putting. 15 minutes before my round, 15 minutes inbetween rounds and 15 minutes before I leave.