Morley Player Profile: AdaZm Nash

AdaZm Nashadazm

PDGA# 28304 Division: Advanced

Began Playing Disc Golf: Late 90s up at a Morro Bay pole course, quickly maturing into Waller Park at Santa Maria, still one of my favorite courses. Started playing "seriously" when i started working at the Morley pro shop in 2003.

First Disc: Max weight Cobra, was so peeved I could not throw it farther, didn't quite grasp that it was only a mid range disc.

Favorite Morley Field Hole: Hole 5 because I am right handed

Morley Field Aces: First ever ace was hole 12 short left/middle with 150 Polaris. Since then MANY condor aces. Best ace was hole 3 short right to win a sudden death playoff to qualify for the Team Tournament

Personal Favorite Disc: Hard to beat a Condor (unless there is a head wind).

Favorite Driver: Eagle-L, again a little dicey in a head wind. yet so easy to throw it gently, keep it low and have pin point accuracy for 285-330 feet.

Favorite Mid range: Spider. I like the part where it drops predictably left when it comes to the basket. When i play one disc challenges at Morley, it is definitely with a spider.

Favorite Putter: Champ Rhyno, works in the wind and unlikely to go too far past the basket if you miss.

“In My Bag": I try to keep it under 15, hard for me to keep track with more than that: 175 Eagle-L 175 Champ (KC Pro 11X) T-Bird. Gomez is right, brilliant stable disc. 197 new stable Condor (now that they are back in production i carry two). 197 beat-up used flippy Condor for jump putts (or high altitude) 175 Champ Spider 175 Champ Gator, no big arm should be without! 175 Champ Banshee, literally the best approach side arm disc of all-time. 175 Z Surge, basically a wraith. Good barely stable disc. 175 Champ Boss. Hard to believe it is legal. i now have a 370 ft sidearm! 175 Champ Rhyno. 175 Champ FL (firebird-L) new "favorite" versatile disc. A faster banshee/less stable Firebird, awesome for sidearm AND backhand. 175 Champ Roadrunner, sometimes there's a strong tail wind. 175 Champ Firebird, i tried playing without it, but it's too darn practical. 175 Champ Starfire, should be stable, yet isn't. somehow i keep finding use for it.... …on the bubble: 175 Champ Destroyer, for courses longer than Morley 175 Champ Whippet, specialty sidearm/tomahawk disc 178 Wasp, i want it to work, yet why won't it come back left?!?

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley) am sure it seems silly, but i am more of a top 6 type finisher. recently took 2nd place at Oak Grove Am tourney though. finished 4th in SoCal for 2008.

Favorite DG Website: i check SoCals site for tourneys and PDGA for discussion. ebay when I'm bored

Favorite Pro Player: Paul McBeth, NO question. Phenomenal guy and player. Plus UBER generous of him to let me beat him a couple times in the distant past! i especially enjoy the part where he is no longer playing in the same division as me

Tips for other players that have helped you: Disc golf is a simple game, throw disc to basket. don't complicate it. if it is important to you to excel, practice putting. a remotely athletic person can learn to throw decent drives in just a couple rounds of playing. if you want to take things to the next level, drive for show, putt for dough. also, it's invaluable to have a decent grasp of both backhand shots and sidearms, especially for approach shots. and remember, have fun! disc golf is an inexpensive walk in the park, enjoy it even when you have a bad roll that turns your birdie into a bogey. is not the end of the world, at least you aren't playing ball golf. oh and just in case it's not common knowledge. throw more stable discs into headwind, less stable with tail wind. less stable discs uphill and less stable discs at high altitude.

editors query - - - Q: Where does the Z in your name come from? AdaZm: I've always been annoyed that my name was a common one. so many years back I for some reason thought to throw a Z in there for fun. and it turns out, if someone say finds a disc with the name "Adam" on it, maybe I get it back, maybe not. but with the name "adaZm", EVERYONE knows whose disc it is.