Morley Player Profile: Dave “¢” Vincent


Dave “¢” Vincent

PDGA# 24099



Started Playing Disc Golf:  I started playing disc golf in august of 2002, and was instantly hooked.  Started playing PDGA tournaments in 2004


First Disc: DX Cheetah


Favorite Hole at Morley: I love hole 10f because of how unique it is compared to the rest of morley field.  It truly requires distance and accuracy to even have chance at a birdie.  Conversely, if both requirements are not met, it is easy to find yourself in a very difficult position for par...


Aces: 40+ total, with 14 at Morley Field. I have the only hole in one on hole 10f, 426'


My Favorite Disc:  D Challenger, hands down the most used disc in my bag.  I haven't used another type of putter since 2004 because of how perfectly this disc fits my style.  I can use it on any shot under 300' and know that it's going to land exactly where i want it to go


Favorite Driver: Predator. This is the most overstable and accurate distance driver ever made, even micah dorius wants to throw predators...


Favorite Midrange: Z Buzzz. Best midrange on the market


Favorite Putter: D Challenger. It's the most predictable and wind resistant putter available


In My Bag:

Champion Monster

Champion Firebird

Star Teebird

Star Destroyer

Z Predator

Z Buzzz

Z Shockwave

Z Drone

D Challenger


Favorite website:


Favorite Pro Players: Kevin Gomez for his tiger woods mentality. Steven Thomas for his surgical precision. Carlo Pelg for his determination to win… in style!



PDGA Sanctioned Tourney Results:


1st San Marcos Ice Bowl

3rd Sunrise Showdown

4th Sun Valley Open

4th Emerald Isle Open

5th Southern California Championships

8th Las Vegas Halloween Classic

25th The Memorial



1st Emerald Isle Open

2nd Mountain High

3rd Toney's Mountain Golf Challenge

3rd Las Vegas Halloween classic

3rd Scott Killian Memorial

3rd Morley Field Spring Fling

3rd Hawaii State Championships

15th PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships


Tips: Do not practice at the course, always practice at a field, or in a wooded area away from the course.  Practice every type of throw.  Many people are limited in their game and can't throw sidearm, overhand, rollers etc...but the players that are able to throw all types of shots have an instant advantage no matter where they are playing. 


Do not be afraid to ask other players for advice, I’m always willing to help anyone with their game... 


Missing a shot is not the worst thing in disc golf.  Not having the courage to miss is the worst thing in disc golf...