Morley Player Profile: Mark "mdub" Wilson

Mark “mdub” WilsonDivision: Rec / Masters

Began playing disc golf?:s7301189 I went with a group of friends the day after high school graduation (Madison HS - 1979 in San Diego). I was hooked from then on and played maybe once a month or so. In 1982 I worked at the Union-Tribune in Mission Valley and we would take off for lunch a little early (10 min.), play a full round (barley 1 hour!), and arrive back to work a little late (15 min). That’s right people… you could play Morley in an hour! I had to stop playing for about 10 years because I threw my back out on hole 1 with a horrible form of a backhand. I returned a few years later to sponsor a tee sign hole (Hole 12) and Snapper asked where I had been. I told him about my back and he suggested throwing sidearm from there on out. I actually threw farther than ever! Started playing again regularly (3-4 times a week) in 2006.

First Disc: Shark?

Favorite Morley Field Hole: In the early days of Morley Field there were a few holes that traveled south from the 19th pad, along where the nursery is. There were a few holes that crossed back and forth across the canyon (if you look at the nursery incinerator on 19 you will see a little dip that was the entrance the little valley). I think it was hole 13. You threw from one side of the valley across to the other. It was pretty cool.

Morley Field Aces: NONE! It is almost mathematically impossible to throw something at a target 10,000 times and not even hit it by accident! I predict hole 1 left, 13 short, or pyramid on 15

Personal Favorite Disc: Elite Z Xpress Spongebob disc my kids got me for Fathers Day 2006

Favorite Driver: Star Destroyer (great sidearm disc)

Favorite Midrange: Star Cro (great sidearm disc)

Favorite Putter: Omega Supersoft

“In My Bag": Star Destroyer (x2) Champion Groove Elite Z Avenger SS Champion Valkyrie Elite Z XS Star TL Star Cro Omega Supersoft 120g #2 Helix for my 5 year old

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley): I have only played one in my life (Course Championship 2007). I finished 1 spot from DFL and 2 spots from DNF but I had fun. I did though play a doubles round at Bayside and cashed. It was kind of funny.

Favorite DG Website: 1000 Rated and (I am the web guy so that may seem biased)

Favorite Pro Player: 1. Snapper - Without him who knows where this sport would be. 2. Dave Feldberg – I still "blame" him for the recent huge surge in crowded courses in SoCal, due to his appearance on Conan in 2007! 3. Paul McBeth – He is the future of the sport! The “Shaun White” of disc golf

Tips for other players that have helped you: 1.  Take your time. Visualize the shot 2.  "Shut up and throw" 3.  Pick up trash 4.  Have fun!!!

Claim to Fame: Concusions from errant throws on holes 16 ($5k ER trip / CAT Scan) and 15 (from same group that hit me 2 years previous on hole 16!)