Morley Player Profile: Dave Roper

Dave Roperimg_5546PDGA#: 29903 Division: Advanced AM while touring. PRO for non-PDGA local events

Began Playing Disc Golf: I first played the sport in Utah in 1999.  I didn’t get hooked until I played regularly at Morley in 2006.

First Disc: My first 2 discs were a DX eagle and a first run stratus.

Favorite Hole at Morley: Hole 5.  This is my favorite because I remember when I couldn’t even make it past the service road.  Now I can throw into the ravine.

Morley Field Aces: |Surprisingly, I have 0 aces at Morley, but 3 at other courses.  I did hit hole 8 from the 7 tee pad when trying to show off to my friends from Utah.  ☺

Favorite Disc: Best all around disc is the Teebird.

Favorite Drivers: My new champ Groove

Favorite Midranges: Super Roc with 2008 Worlds Stamp

Favorite Putter: Aviar.  I haven’t decided between DX and KC.

In My Bag: Champ Groove Eco Star Groove Star XCaliber Champ Max Pro Teebird 2 Champ Firebirds (one for thumbers) Champ Banshee Super Roc Sparkle Squall (Aces Stamped) Buzz SS Champ Gator DX Aviar KC Aviar

Tourney History: 1st – 2008 Summertime Open (Adv – B Tier) 1st – 2008 Sylmar Open (Adv – C Tier) 1st – 2008 San Marcos Ice Bowl (Adv – XC Tier) 1st – 2007 Morley Field Course Championships (Amateur) 2nd – 2007 Sun Valley Open (Int – B Tier) TD – 2008 Sun Valley Gladiators Competition #6 Spot on Team San Diego 2008

Favorite Disc Golf Website: and

Favorite Pro Player: Steve Rico.  His attitude towards others, commitment to the game, and the tremendous amount of work he puts into the sport make him my favorite pro player.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Don’t limit yourself to one type of throw.  Work on the backhand, sidearm, thumber, roller, etc…  Also, spend a lot of time with your putting.  Once you feel confident in making 25 foot putts, you can start running the 50 foot putts without worrying about the return putt.  Always remember this game is about having fun.