Morley Player Profile: Evan Taylor

Evan Taylorimg_5164PDGA #25602 Open/Adv

Began Playing Disc Golf: My first exposure to disc golf was at Mission Bay’s campground Campland by the Bay. Through many vacations and beach Frisbee games, Frisbees became a mainstay activity for my friends and I. My high school friends reintroduced me to the competitive side of disc golf around 2001-2002.

First Disc: Christmas Special Package from Morley: Pro Beast, Pro Orc, APX Swirl putter (2001)

Favorite Hole at Morley: Hole 4, any of the hillside positions.

Morley Field Aces: Hole 4B

Favorite Disc: Magic putter by Gateway Disc Sports. The right putter makes or breaks a game. The Magic feels similar to a beadless Aviar with straight edges, as compared to more rounded edges.

Favorite Drivers: Star Boss, Champion Eagle, Discraft ESP Force, Pro Leopard

Favorite Midranges: Discraft FLX Buzz and the Nebula

Favorite Putter: Magic by Gateway, Soft.

In My Bag: Innova Pro Leopard, Champion Eagle, Champion Banshee, Feldberg Boss(soon to be Star Boss), Champion Groove, Champion Gator.Discraft FLX Buzz, Nebula, ESP Force. Gateway Magics (soft and not).

Top Finishes: 1st place Intermediate 2009 Gentlemen’s Club Challenge (A Tier) 1st place Intermediate 2008 Waller Pines December Doubles (Partner Wesley Valiant) Accomplishments: 1 complete Southern California Tour season.

Favorite Disc Golf Website: for its insight and updates on the disc golf world.

Favorite Pro Player: I have plenty of favorites, our game attracts some of the greatest people. Of the old timers my favorite is Steve Wisecup. He’s always working and progressing himself, and for his determination working with Innova he deserves a lot of credit in what gets put on the market. Of the players I grew up admiring, my favorite player is Bobby Musick. His demeanor on and off the course is the type of person I will always respect. He lets his game do the talking, and will always be a good sport. Lastly, of my generation of up and comers, my favorite young gun is Paul Mcbeth. He is the future!

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Take the game slowly at first. By working on a correct technique, before going out to crush a drive, the fluidity of motion will come along with greater ease. A throw starts in the feet, so proper shoes are a must; the leading foot needs to be in line with the front shoulder upon release. The shoulders and hips work in unison, allowing for the maximum amount of torque. To do this (as in ball golf) trail the throwing hand in a straight line behind the intended line of release slowly. Work your hips circular with the shoulders to allow the body to coil around your feet and knees. Through this motion the disc should be behind the thrower, the body tense and ready to uncoil. The uncoil comes as a gradual release, as stated previously, from the feet to knees to hips and then into the shoulders and arms. The amount of speed during this setup needs to be slow, around 20% of the actual release speed. As the shoulders begin to feel the body uncoiling, allow them to increase with speed up to 80% of your power. The 20:80 ratios will keep proper form longer before release, and in my experience, allow for more controllable drives/releases of the disc. If this doesn’t make sense, watch the professionals, practice their form, and internalize what is going on in your body as utmost importance for your practice.