Morley Player Profile: Clark Jackson

3360486474_d709730b52Clark JacksonPDGA# 37721 Advanced

Began Playing Disc Golf: 1996 but didn't get serious till 2005.  (Now I even play in my dreams, it's an addiction)

First Disc: Cyclone (and aced with it)

Favorite Hole at Morley: Hole 3  This is my favorite hole because one I've aced it twice.  But mainly it really forced me to learn Anhyzer shorts, which are my favorite shots.  Plus when it's in the A and B position it's just a fun line drive.

Morley Field Aces: 18c, 3a (twice), 9c, 1a

Favorite Disc: Z Buzz (don't have one...get one) This disc can do anything.  Whatever line you put on it, it holds.  It's my favorite anhyzer disc.

Favorite Drivers: Champ Orc This is my go to driver, if I don't know what to throw, I throw this.  It's a little understable but very controlable.

Favorite Midranges: Z Buzz

Favorite Putter: Omega

In My Bag: Destroyer Champ and Star Wraith Z Buzz Z Wasp Gator TL Champ Z Comet Orc Z Predator

Favorite Disc Golf Website: DGCourseReview, Disc Golfers r us

Favorite Pro Player: I don't know to many of the pro's.  Mainly just the ones in SD, so...Trey (when he want to be call a Pro)  All the pro players are great!!  Especially SD pro's I've learned so much from them Micah, Miker, Kent, CVK, Carlo, Lust (never taught me a thing ya the same)

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Just have fun, when you're having fun you play better.  Play more courses then just Morley. Practice and practice!!  and Practice more.  Think you've practiced enough, practice more.  (I need to listen to what I preach)