Player Profile: Jeff Nichols

Jeff NicholsSan Diego Aces 2009 Club President PDGA# 5530 Pro Grand Master

Began Playing Disc Golf: In 1981 I was a young man with too much time on my hands, so I joined some friends at Morley for some “Frisbee Golf”.  I was hooked instantly and started coming back every time I could.  My first aspiration to play competitively was when I saw Donny Olow park a Super Puppy on Hole 7 (now Hole 11) in its short position.  I knew at that time I wanted to play in competition.

First Disc: First golf disc was a 100 mold Midnight Flyer.

Favorite Disc: The one I’m going to throw next.

Favorite Drivers: Boss, Destroyer, TL.

Favorite Midranges: Rocs beat to various degrees, Cobra.

Favorite Putter: Super Puppy

In My Bag: Depends on the course. My usual Morley bag is: 2 Champion Boss’ 2 Star Destroyers CE Firebird Tee Bird L Sidewinder ’02 USDGC Roc KC Pro Roc Champion Cobra – super straight flyer DX Stingray Star Gator 9x KC Pro Aviar Super Puppy – sometimes carry one of my vintage ones, circ. 1984

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley): 1990 San Diego Spring Fling – 4th place 2001 San Diego Open Pro Masters Champ Santa Maria Open – 2nd place (beat Johnny Lissaman in a playoff for the 2nd place trophy) 2004 Emerald Isle Open Pro Masters Champ 2005 Emerald Isle Open Pro Masters Champ (including a course record 1051 rated round) 2005 World Masters Flying Disc Championships – 2nd Place 2009 EIEIO – 2nd place.

Favorite Disc Golf Website:

Favorite Pro Player: “The Champ” – Ken Climo I had the pleasure to play with him on his home course in Clearwater, FL before he won his first Worlds.  I had met a lot of people who were very passionate about the game, but none more that him.  His skills and professionalism are unsurpassed.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Beginners should learn to throw a putter or midrange disc before moving on to a driver.  I see many players who think they need to throw drivers while they could probably throw just as far with a midrange disc and retain much more control.  This is a game of control first, and only after control is mastered will distance be of any benefit.