Player Profile: Dale Chambless "Godfather"

daleDale Chambless “Godfather”Novice/Rec

Began Playing DG: My friends brought me out in the summer of 2008.  I was instantly hooked, and by January I was buying monthly passes so I can play everyday.

First Disc: The first two discs I bought were a first run Champion Boss and an Omega SuperSoft putter after playing for about a month.

Favorite Hole at Morley: 16.  This hole has everything.  Easy ace runs when in the front and long, challenging shots when its deep.

Aces: I'm coming up on one year of disc golf and I still have no aces. Hit the basket, pole, chains, flag, and everything else I could hit, but nothing has stuck yet.

Favorite Disc: The one that goes in the basket

Favorite Driver: Champion Destroyer

Favorite Midrange: Star Cro

Favorite Putter: Omega SS

In My Bag: I often get picked on for carrying way too much plastic, but I feel like I need every disc in my bag to make up for the fact that I'm not very good.  I've got a few discs that I'm letting my wife use too, so this week my bag is holding: Innova:  Star Plastic:  Max, X-Caliber, Destroyer, T-Rex, Gator, Cro. Champion Plastic:  Monster, Destroyer, Boss, Groove, Beast, Starfire, Monarch, Teebird, Leopard, Firebird, Spider. Discraft: Elite X Plastic: Buzz. Z Plastic:  Crystal Challenger, Magnet. Millennium: QJLS, Omega SS (2) Gateway: Assassin

Favorite DG Website: and

Favorite Pro Player:  Haven't met a lot of pros other than the guys that play open at Morley.  The guy that has been the biggest help to game so far is Carlo Pelg.  Friendly, outgoing, helpful, and all business on the course.

Tips for Newer Players: The less you do, the more you do.  Get out of your head.  Slow it down.  Spend a day at the park playing catch with different discs to learn them.  When you're on the course let your instincts take over and "Do Less."