Noah McBride - A Cool Kid!

His dad knew long before their first visit with Auntie to Morley Field that the boy could throw a Frisbee. Sure, lots of kids can fling one, but Noah's first throws as a toddler in the backyard were natural and possessed an uncanny accuracy. His casual nature and competitive drive eventually led him to the first tee. Noah started playing disc golf regularly this year (2009). At ten years old, he is not the youngest player ever seen at the Morley Field links. But Noah's enthusiasm for the sport is beginning to attract attention and valuable lessons from more experienced players here. His stature as a novice often leads to friendly advice from players much more "in the know" than his old man. Noah  is soaking up every word.

Disc golf at Morley also seems to be teaching Noah there is more to this disc-shaped world than simply waiting at the next tee. With each round, Noah is recognizing and greeting familiar faces on the course and with that he seems to be learning the meaning of community.

These days, Noah proudly carries a budding collection of discs in his own green shoulder bag and, though he won't brag, he will tell you about his first hole-five par. Noah is certainly hooked on Disc Golf and he can't wait to play that next round.


From his dad – On December 10, 2007 Noah was eight and half. A benign tumor was found on his optic nerve near his pituitary gland nine months earlier. It had to come out because he would likely lose peripheral vision (or worse), if not. Skilled hands at Children's Hospital removed it; he spent five days at the hospital and recovered at home after that. Back to school in January. Baseball season started in March and he made the allstar roster by May; then allstar soccer in the fall. He is very low-key about it, but it is a significant part of his life and I consider it an amazing life event that he probably won't fathom until he's much older.

It certainly helps me with perspective in my life...


Say Hi to Noah when you see him on the course. He’s a cool kid!