Morley Player Profile: Chris Wymer

CIMG7523Chris WymerNickname: One Time!! PDGA#: 35633 Division: Open

Began Playing Disc Golf: I started playing disc golf in high school in 2001. My friends and I would throw discs and play ultimate at school. One day someone brought a disc golf disc to throw, and the topic of going to play came up. After my first round at Morley I was hooked, and after a brief lull during college I've really started to strive to improve my game (I think it's been paying off a bit.

First Disc: DX Shark, threw it through the chains on 16 B the very same day.

Favorite Hole at Morley (and why?): Hole 16. It's complex, some weeks it's a simple shot that provides an important birdie (or ace run) in the closing holes. However other weeks, it's positioned deeper behind the line of bushes, making things more interesting. There are lots of risk/reward shots on the deeper positions, and with each position there's always the slight chance of taking a tree stroke if you misjudge your drive.

Morley Field Aces: 16 C with a champ Viking and 18 C with a champ Teebird. Both 5 years ago.

Favorite Disc (and why?): It would have to be the Roc. You can do anything with it. Straight shot? No problem. Slight anhyzer? Sure thing. Headwind? No worries. Hyzer shot? I've got it.

Favorite Driver (and why?): I think quite a few people have heard me ramble on and on about this one, hands down champion Teebirds. It's a roc that flies further and faster. It's a really easy disc to control, and very dependable on how it flies it's lines. Plus, with the smaller rim size, it doesn't require the mega-snap that discs such as the boss and destroyer do. As a result I have a better ability to focus on controlling my shot.

Favorite Midrange (and why?): Champion Classic Rocs. It's the best because it is the middle ground between a roc and a spider. Stable, with a dependable fade at the end of it's flight. Beyond that, it's the easiest driver I've found to throw side-arm approach shots with. Unfortunately, they've been discontinued, so good luck finding one.

Favorite Putter (and why?): Aviars. All shapes and varieties. With putting it's the archer, not the arrow, but the aviar is my "arrow" of choice.

In My Bag: Long Range Drivers: Champ Orc Star Excaliber 2 Champ Destroyers Star Boss Fairway Drivers: Champ Leopard Champ Valkyre Champ Teebird Champ Eagle Champ Firebird Midrange: 3 Rocs (Star Ontario, KC, DX) Gateway Blade Spider

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley): Morley (won each division once in a monthly)

Favorite Disc Golf Website (and why?): So many resources, and vast amounts of info on up coming tournaments, and course locations.

Favorite Pro Player (and why?): John Childs. I got to watch him during the final round of the Memorial this year. He's a lefty holding his own in the right handed world of disc golf!!

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Playing at Morley is fun, however, the one thing that has helped me more than anything with my game has been going to an empty park and throwing every disc in my bag. Find a local park, and learn what your discs want to do. At a park you can take your time and focus on correcting your form, and slowing down your release without having it impact your round. At a park you can figure out how to make your disc fly in specific directions, and more importantly, figure out what it wants to do when released level. It doesn't take long, set aside maybe 45 minutes a couple of times a week. You'll be surprised by the improvement in your game.