Keen Disc Golf Shoe Review: Round Five

Round Five – 12/15/2009Finished my fifth round of disc golf today with the Keen Milo’s. I find them to be very comfortable. There was no pronounced break-in period for me. We actually had some weather this weekend and they held up nicely. Great grip on the wet cement and rubber tee pads. Decent grip walking up slippery, muddy hills. Kept my feet dry while playing in the rain and walking through many large puddles. Toe box is nice and sturdy, My opinion at this point is very positive. It ‘s hard to compare to other Keens, Merrills, Salomons, etc as these do not seem to be made as a similar hiking or trail shoe. The side and top panels of the shoes are made from a soft nylon-like material. Though this adds to the comfort, I’m not sure how they would prevail in a rougher terrain. I could see heavy brush, jagged sticks or rocks may push the limited protection above the soles. Again this shoe is not a hiking shoe so this is probably intentionally designed.

I believe the true value in these shoes will be determined in the long run in their durability. Will the toe box and sole hold up to their task? At $110 they are above the average price for many disc golfers shoe budget. These shoes are getting some flack online for durability. We will have to keep an eye on that. At this point I give them an B. I wish they came in colors other than Gargoyle/Drizzle though I do give them credit for those creative color names. Much better than Gray/Dark Gray.

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