San Diego Aces Election Results

San Diego Aces Board of Directors (BOD) 2010 Election Results: The election results are final.  After two weeks of on-line voting and two days of ballot voting at Morley Field, Sun Valley, Montiel and Emerald Isle, the results are as follows...

The names are in descending order of votes received: Jeff Nichols Randy Wylot Allen Risley Daniel Litchman Aaron Van Matre Carl Renda Michelle Chambless Donny Olow

The amendment to change the by-laws to include a Membership Director passed overwhelmingly.  Since the amendment was passed during the BOD election process, the membership director will be appointed by the 2010 BOD for the 2010 year.

Thank you all for participating in this year’s election.  The on-line voting proved successful, increasing the membership voting by 20%.