Morley Player Profile: Jens Ritchie

Jens Christensen Ritchie  (sounds like "yenz") Nickname: My family calls me Jens, some pepole call me Ritchie and a few call me Weezer um i dunno about the last one. PDGA#: shawwww I wish but for now its just about playing and having fun Division: recreational/family competitions (he...he...he)

Began Playing Disc Golf: I started out of my senior year playing with this guy I knew I had played with beach disc all my life some ultimate frisbee here and there but he told me about this course in Balboa park where you could play this game disc golf and I said me ? As for why I started playing when I saw some random old guy throw at hole five in the deep position I said ok I want to do that and so I went out a few more times and was hooked.....oh yeah!!!

First Disc: My first disc was a Shark. I only had it for a few weeks and I then I lost it in the big tree that fell on the 18th/19th hole before that cleared out the leaves and branches oh well

Favorite Hole at Morley: My favorite hole wold have to be five in the deep. I have a good strong arm and I can throw straight so I love to watch it go out there and hit close. I'm getting better and hope to deuce it some time soon

Morley Field Aces: None yet. some duces but when I do get an ace I'll be the first in my family to get one (bragging rights)

Favorite Disc: my dx cobra because it was the second disc had after i lost my shark i went to the pro shop and as what was a good disc and some characteristics like the shark and the guy there said a cobra was good that it had more of and s turn i was like ok whatever (note: i was still learning the game) but i try it and like it now here we are 5, 6 or 7 years later and i had to retire it and get a new one (still learn to fine tune my game) in dx plastic

Favorite Driver: My favorite and most used driver is a Millenium JLS. It is straight and to the point and does good for my arm

Favorite Midrange: My Cobra

Favorite Putter: I have a random Grateful Dead putter I dont use but get props for (score one for the hippies),but dont use it so just use my Cobra alot. Ii did just get an Aeroso ill see if my style changes ?

In My Bag: DX Wraith Millineum JLS DX Goblin DX Cobra DX Aero i also have a golden retriever for water O.B shots (note: I lost two discs,  a star sidewinder and a some Lance Armstrong disc from some tourney at fountain hills before I bought the retriever)

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes: No win or finishes yet but im the first person in my family to get the lowest score ever and first to duece on any courses hah beat that uncle frank ha...ha...hah !!!

Favorite Disc Golf Website: Innova. I love the discs and always go for their stuff (except for my JLS which is a millennium but its made by Innova whats with that ?)

Favorite Pro Player: Micah Dorius. He is a super cool guy. I've never seen him in play but he looks like a cool guy. I love his how to vids on the website. Its been helping me to work on my shots. keep'um comin

Tip For New Players and Players Looking To Improve: ok for new player rent a disc and try the game and if you like it go and buy a disc at big five when there on sale a shark or cobra practice your throw get it to go straight if you can or try to keep it level once to get tor throw down work on distance and accuracy then work on tricks rollers turnovers etc. and last practice putts all day and every day your not playing it helps for players looking to improve i say go and get a practice basket (travel basket folds up in a bag and goes any where) they work good and help me to drive longer and hard also helped me to putt somewhat better also dont be afraid to try new techniques like rollers and tomahawks they can work and last but not least dont worry about style its not important how you look on the course its how you play