Morley Player Profile: Ryan Meyer

Ryan MeyerNicknames: Ramske PDGA# 34987 Intermediate – Advanced (soon)

Began Playing Disc Golf: I think it was 06 or 07?  I was instantly hooked and have played at courses throughout the US.  I’ve played in a few tournaments but have been more interested in having fun with the sport.  Kit Carson Park has been my baby for the last 3 years and now that the course is open, April 25 2010, I’ll get tons of practice in… out Pros, I’m coming for ya!

First Disc: 175g Yellow Champion Valkyrie – This Disc has taught me quite a bit about how a disc’s flight path changes with age and the development of your game.

Favorite Hole at Morley: Without a doubt, Hole 11, position F.  Blind double mandatory!  Excellent risk-reward hole.  Great design! 

Morley Field Aces: Hole 14, rocket hyzer around the trees, 170g Red Star Orc.  First Ace ever!

Favorite Disc: 171g Star Leopard – Great control disc for me, will flip over, go straight, or hyzer, depending on the speed of the spin.

Favorite Driver: 171g Star Boss –predictable flight

Favorite Midrange: 175g Star Cro – This disc is awsome!  Stable, with a predictable fade.  Great straight shooter for me.

Favorite Putter: 170g KC Pro Aviar – I’ve tried sticky floppy putters, and they don’t work for me…

In My Bag: 170g KC Pro Aviar (2x) 175g Star Cro 171g Star Leopard 175g Star TL 150g Champion Banshee (for funzies) 150g Star Classic Roc 170g Discraft Breeze 170g Champion Sidewinder 172g Champion Roadrunner 169g Star Wraith 171g Star Starfire 174g Star Firebird 170g Star Destoyer 170g Star Orc 171g Star Boss 175g Champion Valkyrie 171g Star Valkyrie

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes: Check in with me once I really start playing tournaments

Favorite Disc Golf Website:,

Favorite Pro Player: Dave Feldberg – Great player, great promoter of the sport.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: I tell everyone that comes out to play with me for the first time that they need to give the game at least 10 tries before they decide whether or not they like it.  After that 10th round you’ll just be getting the hang of throwing the disc and I’m sure you’ll be hooked.  Like any sport, this game is really easy to learn, but will take years to master, and that’s the fun part!  During the first week of playing this sport I bought several overstable drivers and almost quit because I couldn’t throw them with any sort of consistency!  Work your way through the discs, starting with midranges, then fairway drivers, and finally to the overstable drivers so you can develop control before adding power and distance.  You’ll thank me later.