Ten Annoying Things - #10

Welcome to our new series highlighting annoying things that disc golfers do. Most everyone will agree on the top two or three but lets start a conversation on the rest. Number 10: "Cooler Mud" This issue seems to be embedded in the DNA of most weekend "players". Since Morley Field is one of the few courses that have benches on all the holes, this trait seems to be indigenous to Morley.

Cooler Mud (cool-er mud) Function: noun Date of Origin: Early 1970's

1: a drippy, wet, puddle of mud left on benches after one removes their cheap, leaking cooler from placement on a bench (normally used for sitting) due to cooler being dragged through dirt while "playing" disc golf.

Cause: oblivion to groups playing behind you, oblivion in general Remedy: leave your cooler on the ground.

If you have been an unwiting victim of CMB (cooler mud butt), share your story with others, that's the best way to work through it.

note - no alcohol is permitted on the course at any time