Morley Player Profile: Grace Rivas

Name: Grace Rivas Started playing Disc Golf: I started playing the winter of 2003, a friend of mine introduced me to the game, I remember asking him "what the #$@% is disc golf, after the first round I knew this was the sport for me, no coaches, no teamates, just me and the course, I like to say that I did not find disc golf, disc golf found me, and I love it!

My First Disc: a 180g 3 flyer! it was heavy as a brick, got my first ace with it!!!

Favorite hole at Morley: my favorite hole has to be 10 long, when it's all the way to the back, for some odd reason I can play this hole well, (most of the time, hahaha) it probably helps to be a left handed too.

Favorite Disc:  it has to be the sidewinder, I can throw the son of a gun well and it get's the job done most of the time, star plastic of course, that's why I am sidewinder Grace!!! It's a sexy disc too.

Favorite Midrange: The DGA Squall, because I just learned how to trow it, it's great for those right hand holes, great turn over disc, also a sexy one,

Favorite Putter: It has to be the Innova Rhyno, I love the high lip it's got!

Morley Aces: I have only 2 aces, my first one was on hole 16 b, I was having a bad round, probably + 14 or so, but I shot my 3 flyer straight into the basket and bam, ace baby! a few weeks later I lost the disc and never found it, My 2nd ace was 13 a, a little side arm throw and in it goes, it was with a Discraft 172g I think, I also lost the disc a few months later, I call " the curse of the ace" a few weeks later after my 2nd ace I fracture my left wrist, this was a game changer for me!

In My Bag:

A Rhyno of course


Sidewinder of course

2 wraith's

Talon 150, well actually 2

Westside King

Legacy Rampage

Discraft Buzz

Valkyrie Champ, (when in doubt throw a Valk.)

Roc to Rock son

Discraft XL Elite Z

Crystal Z Avenger SS

Discraft Nuke


- Sling Shot

- Water

- Clip Board

- Rope (don't ask)

- Sun Block

- Pocket Constitution of the U.S. (just in case)

I also have @ disc of each in case I lose one, because they don't come back now a days

Tourney Finishes: I have not played too many tourneys, I placed 8th on August (novice) and one time (years ago I placed 5th, but working on it, if you don't play the tourneys you will never find out what you are made of, then you can work on the glitches of your game!!!

Favorite Disc Golf Website: it has to be The MORLEY LOCOS' PAGE ON FACEBOOK

(I know it's just a page actually) We some times organize bag tags with up to 20+ players. guys and girls can find out who's playing on what day, I also have to mention that the MORLEY LOCOS was founded by Oscar Aceves, Joe "Dirty" Sanchez and my self! ( the FB page was my brainchild and I am proud of it. Not to be mistaken by the MORLEY LOCALS, whom we respect and love too! those folks are also locos in a way, we usually let them tee of first out of respect!

Favorite Pro Players: Avery J. and Nate D., one they are world champs, two (and the most important one) they are humble, polite, respectful and nice, they are cool when you talk to them, they are happy to give you their autograph, they are great ambassadors of the game and they keep it real, there are some clowns here in SD that call themselves pro players and even go as far as saying things like "I am my favorite player... It has to be me.." kind of crap, now this guys have no respect for the game, or it's players, with this being said clowns like this will never be part of one of the most elite clubs in SD "MORLEY LOCOS'

I also like Carlo P. he is just a cool fun guy, (a bad ass too) when I firs started playing he hooked me up with a pair of discs, (back in 03) still have one of those disc! Gracias loco!!!

Tips For Newer Players: putt putt putt putt, then practice putting some more, don't go and buy a new bag with a bunch of discs that you cannot control yet, keep it simple ,driver putter and mid range to start (3 disc) once you can somewhat control the invest in some more, now just because the disc is a pro bad ass disc it does not mean you will know how to trow it, it's not the disc, is the monkey behind it! Try to play with kats that play good so you can pick up a couple of pointers, if you find a disc, take it to the pro shop, you will get a buck for it and is good karma, lot's of disc are not returned and some of the guys and girls are taking that trash personal (including me). Also have fun, if you are not having fun, you are losing the round, remember that at morley even a bad round is a good round, you are out and about kicking it with your friends, doing a little work out and that is great (or any other course in the world) I hope one day we can see this sport on TV, at a more professorial level

Final Thoughts: Lot's of people criticize the sport and call it all sorts of bad names, but you know what? we are working out, maybe even shedding a few ponds and living life at it's fullest, it beats the couch that's for sure! so go out there and work it baby, good for the heart and it will put a smile on that face!