Spring Fling 2013 Recap

This year’s Spring Fling featured 7 different Amateur categories. Four descending skill levels of men’s, one woman’s and 2 age protected divisions. This is an annual PDGA sanctioned B tier, SoCal series and DGA series event. Having 95 participants play on a closed course. This year featured two 19 hole rounds of 2 different layouts featuring several pin positions seen only for tournament play. Dutch from NP Trophy produced perhaps our best looking burl plaques ever for all the winners.

In the men’s Advanced division a north county local Travis Cutler the eventual division winner started off by throwing an ace for his very first throw of the tourney on hole 2 long. Ironically, it was the second ace thrown on that hole in that group as Patrick Paramore throwing two players ahead of him aced the hole first. Amazing. Of note, second place finisher Jason Purdue shot a magnificent  -13 down the first round garnering a 1060 player rating for his efforts.

In the women’s Advanced division Shonda Garcia held a one stroke lead over Allie Robles after the first round and her consistency and solid putting held up in round two as she eventually won by 3 strokes.

The men’s Intermediate division saw a great battle at the top as 3 players ended regulation in a tie for first at -4.  A quiet but determined Daniel Vega was the eventual sudden death victor over Chris Parker and Eddie Arinduque.

The men’s Recreational division lacked drama at the top as Derrick Dreyer crushed the field by 5 strokes but after that only 2 strokes separated next 5 players of a nine person division.

The Novice division was won by local Greg Davis who’s rarely seen as he always plays so early in the morning. Greg’s the Good Samaritan who’s always finding and turning in lost plastic on the course. He finds so many he usually plays free.

The men’s Masters division (age 40 and above) was won by daily local Doug Larhette. Doug led from the outset. Doug carried the weight of being the heavy local favorite well as he never wavered in his quest.

The men’s Grandmaster division provided another great battle for the lead as Jeff Brown beat Christian Cullen in a sudden victory playoff. Always courteous and upbeat this is Jeff Brown’s first ever and well deserved victory in Am Grandmasters.

Lunch this year was provided by a combination of salads from California Kebab and delicious carnitas and roasted chicken street tacos with beans and rice from San Diego Taco Company.

Dale Chambliss (a soon to be dad…congrats Meesh!) won the Skill Shot basket in the giant mondo (ring of fire) after lunch. After 3 players hit the shot  Dale won in a throw off where all 3 contestants went for the shot all missing by 15 feet. Dale won by 1.5 centimeters when we measured the throws.

Perfect weather greeted all the players this year for a change and the free drawing saw a record number of donated items from the various manufactures (Voodoo, DGA, Innova, Discraft, Prodigy, Legacy and  Millennium. Plus So Cal and the SD Aces donated items) given out to the participants. The tourney went off right on time every round and except for a minor pin placement screwup in the second round (holes 2 and 3 next to each other…oops sorry) everything went off without a hitch.

Thanks to all who helped out Mac, Joanne plus everyone on staff from the shop who gave up their day so all the locals could have their day. Till next year…