Player Profile: Adam C Aguilera

Name: Adam C Aguilera 292060_10200150137777750_261033612_n

Began Playing Disc Golf?: I began playing disc golf at the ripe old age of 8 years old. My uncle Frank Aguilera used to run the pro shop at Oak Grove (1984 or 5ish) and I would go out with him and all his buddies (Zimmerman Stokley, Sheldon, the Lissamens and the likes, I even remember a very young Steve Rico). Watching these titans of the old school was very motivating. I remember a wintertime open tournament sponsored by BUD LITE!!! So I played recreationally (or scarcely) until moving to north park about three minutes by skateboard from Morley. Then I started playing seriously. Motivated by the Jarvis twins and Micah Dorius until I believe 1999 Spring Fling at Morley placed 3rd Am. Won my first PDGA contest where I retired for a decade due to being a young and arrogant poor sport. Fast forward 2009 I am back and now a little more mature with a renewed passion and love for the sport.

PDGA#: 38257

Division: Open

First Disc?: This a tuff one. First disc for golf had to be a Midnight Flyer. The Aero Driver was my first driver.

Favorite Hole at Morley and Why?: My favorite hole at Morley has to be a tie between 5, 6, and 7 all long. Or pro tee 8 any of the longs.

Morley Field Aces?: Been a while so my memory of letter to pin position is rusty... 1 middle of trees short, 2 right by the park lot, 4 by the road, 8 straight by tee 9, 12 right side by fence, 15 pre pyramid, 16 straight and short and back 30 ft bye the wall, last but not least 18 behind the willow I hyzered over the pro shop. P.S. I chained out of 19 long once.

Favorite Disc and Why?: My favorite disc is a signature 1984 Aviar Driver model of the disc my uncle Frank set the world record. May very well be one of Innova’s first signature discs.

Favorite Driver and Why?: My favorite driver is the Innova Champion upper signature 08 Feldberg world Champ Boss.

Favorite Midrange and Why?: New favorite mid range champ Roc 3 Mcbeth signature model

Favorite Putter and Why? Favorite putter is a Stiff DX Aviar

Favorite Disc Golf Websites?:

Whats In My Bag?:

4 - DX 175 Aviar putter

1 - Legacy Icon Clozer putter for straight short drives.

2 - 180g Star Marino Roc

1 - 180g Mcbeth Roc

1 - 180g DX Roc

1 - 175 Innova Atlas - delicate touch Shots.

2 - 175g  Innova Valkyrie,

2 - 175g Innova Roadrunners

1 - 175g Legacy Cannon

2 -175g Innova Wraith

2 - 175g Boss

1 - 175g Xcaliber

Tourney Wins or Top Finishes?: 2nd place wintertime 31 2nd place Sylmar match play 3rd place tie Sky High Showdown

Not too impressive I know.

Favorite Pro Player?: Steve Rico, Marc and Ken Jarvis, Paul McBeth, and Frank Aguilera.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:: uhh maybe this isn’t a question I am qualified to answer....but I will say keep calm and focus on being courteous that way you wont focus on that putt you just missed. Adapt a consistent grip and never get attached to a disc cause I got 99 problems but a disc aint one...

Miss you Morley. Tell Leo I said sup.