Morley Player Profile: Jeremy Reynolds

Jeremy J. Reynolds

PDGA#: 62041 Division: Rec, but as I get better I will move up divisions as time goes by

Began Playing Disc Golf?: I started playing in 2012. My friend Brian Duran took me to Sun Valley Golf Course to show me the sport to me. It was brand new to me. I have never heard of the sport ever. I played with some discs he gave me because I didn't have any discs of my own. I think I did alright that day. And after that I got a bag and some discs, since then I play as much as possible and play in as many tournaments as I can. I usually play 1-2 times a week now. He showed me how to play the sport and now I can not get enough of it. I am so excited to go to the course and throw plastic. My usual courses I go to are; Sun Valley, Morley Field, and Kit Carson Disc Golf course.

First Disc?: My first disc that was given to me was a tsunami-170. But really my first disc that I call my own, because I feel that my first disc was the disc that I bought first. And that disc was a Vector Eclipse Glow Proton-180.

Favorite Hole at Morley and Why?: I would probably say my favorite hole at Morley Field would be hole 6. I love how hole 14 is a blind throw from the top of the hill. It helps me with aiming and consistency to a blind basket.

Morley Field Aces?: I have not yet gotten any aces an any course that I have played at; however, I am getting really close to getting my first ace. I have almost aced a few but missed the basket by inches, and a few actually have chained out. So, no I haven't gotten any aces yet, but there will be an ace in my bag sooner than later.

Favorite Disc and Why?: My favorite disc probably has to be either my black Gauge-180, or my blue McPro Aviar-175 Paul McBeth World Championships back to back championships 2012-2013.

Favorite Driver and Why?: My favorite driver is probably one of my three Cannons. Cannons are golden ticket to a killer drive. I can throw my cannons over 100 yards. A cannon is my go to driver on a long drive at the tee pad at any course I play at.

Favorite Midrange and Why?: My favorite midrange disc probably has to be my Pinnacle Ghost I got at the 2013 Cactus Finale in Phoenix Arizona.

Favorite Putter and Why?: My favorite putter has to be my blue McPro Aviar-175 Paul McBeth World Championships back to back championships 2012-2013. It is very consistent for me, and I can depend on it for a medium to long putt to hit the chains and make the putt. This putter is one of the only two putters I carry when I go to a course.

Whats In My Bag?:

Drivers: White San Diego Aces Club white Cannon-173 White Legacy Cannon-171 Green Legacy Cannon-175 Black Legacy Rampage-174 Clear Blue SoCal Disc Golf Championship 2013-Cannon-175

Mid-range: Purple Vector Eclipse Glow Proton-180 Pink Obex Vibram-172 Off White Innova Rhyno-170 Clear Purple Pinnacle Ghost-180 (I won at the 2013 Cactus Finale in Phoenix, Az.) White Pinnacle Ghost-180 Black Guage-180 (I received at the Ace Run: 2013)

Putters: Blue McPro Aviar-175 Paul McBeth World Championships back to back championships 2012-2013 So Cal Disc Golf Championship 2013-180 (Tournament at Kit Carson: September 2013) JK Pro Aviar-X Juliana Korner (Five Time PDGA Women's World Disc Golf Champion)

Tourney Wins or Top Finishes?: My first Tournament: 2012 Sun Valley Open Finished last in MA3 division (placed fourth by one stroke)

2013 SoCal championship Tournament: Kit Carson (placed 8th place out of 19 people in MA3 Division)

2013 Cactus Finale: phoenix, AZ. (placed 19th out of 21 people in MA2 Division)

Favorite Pro Player?: My favorite pro player has to be either Paul McBeth, or A.J. Risley. When I was at the 2013 SoCal Championship Tournament at Kit Carson, I watched both Paul McBeth and A.J. Risley play. Paul won the entire thing. I followed him in his final 9 holes to just watch the top 4 players paly this amazing sport and I was completely astonished by all their skills.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Play as much as you possibly can. Watch YouTube videos on disc golf when you can. I have learned so much from just watching pros on YouTube. Watch pros at tournament as well. In person and on utube are two different experiences and it will only help you get better in this sport. Play with people that are better than you so you can learn from them, and when you are better than them, play with other people that are then better than you so you get better all the time. Find out what discs work for you by doing field work as much as possible, by going to an open park and just throwing all your discs to see what works for you and what doesn't. Only carry what works for you in your bag when you play. And lastly, do as many tournaments as possible, because you get free swag, you can get prizes from the raffles, you can get awards or prizes from winning in your division, and most importantly you can learn from all the other players in the tournaments.