San Diego Team Qualification/Grinder

The 2015 Course Championship has been completed and now it's time to round out the San Diego team that will be competing in the Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational. To fill the available spots on the team there will be grinders for qualified players. See the list below for the date and players who are eligible. 

Open Division - Nov. 14th, 9AM

  • Chris Dilloway
  • Jonathon Maki
  • Mike Ballestas
  • Mike Lust
  • Jason Perdue
  • Switch
  • Jet
  • Luke Christensen

Masters Division - Nov. 15th, 9AM

  • Dave Devine
  • Mike Westerman
  • Shane Dehner
  • Mike Slonim
  • Ed Speakman
  • Dan Shorkey
  • Kevin Gomez

Grand Masters Division - Nov. 21st, 9AM

  • Jeff Nichols
  • Dan Shorkey
  • Mike Slonim
  • Fred A
  • Dave Butcher

Players who have already secured spots on the team

  • Micah Dorius
  • Max Nichols
  • Carlos Caballero
  • Mike Tyberg