Glenn Swanson

Morley Player Profile: Glenn Swanson

Name: Glenn Swanson PDGA#: n/a

Division: Pro. But only by default. I learn more by getting beat down by the prosfacebook_632337114

Began Playing Disc Golf: tender age of ten (officially; I'm sure my dad took me out before then) I have a picture of myself throwing on hole 8 and it has a 1993 date on the back.

First Disc: The Viper. I loved that thing. My dad let me use it because it was already beat to mush

Favorite Hole at Morley (and why?): 7 long.  Being a lefty with a little power, I'm able to ride the valley and give myself an opportunity for birdie sometimes. Also I love to watch righties fumble with all the discs In their bag because they cant figure out the best line to the basket.

Morley Field Aces: 4c, 8b w/snapper, 11a, 13c twice, 15a

Favorite Disc (and why?): my 150g esp flick. I know that when I throw that disc it will be two things: fast and entertaining.

Favorite Driver (and why?): my boss.  It's fast, stable, predictable, and when thrown properly, will go as far as I need it to.

Favorite Midrange (and why?): my Crystal z Buzz. Tacky, easy to grip, and easy to control. Even for a bum like me.

Favorite Putter (and why?): JK pro-x. Soft, stable, and seems to like the chains if and when it hits 'em. I've got a moldy Orange one I throw to this day.. ..maybe it's time for a new one.  Maybe.

In My Bag: mostly max weight: star boss, champ destroyer, esp flick, first run nuke, Buzz, 12x firebird for long overhands, nuke os for forehand, star Roc for my less stable endeavors, also a second or third run ce valkyrie for my long and straight drives

Tourney Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley): 3rd @ monthly (open), 1st @ monthly (adv), 2nd @ spring fling(ma1), I think I finished 4th or 5th at an ace race too if that counts :)

Favorite Disc Golf Website: probably my new-found love dollar disc golf auctions on Facebook. There's a lot of great plastic and some very knowledgeable folks.  My fiance gets mad at me because I'm on it all night.

Favorite Pro Player:  not really sure on that one

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: find a friend and play as much as you can. Pick the brains of those around the pro shop. Also, don't go for so many putts outside your comfort zone. I see a lot of scores inflate because people are trying to sink 60 footers instead of taking par.  Those birds will come in due time.