Keen Disc Golf Shoe: Final Review

Round 10: 2/21/10 As promised, here is the final review for the Keen Disc Golf Shoe. Sadly it looks like our worst fears have come true.

At round #10 the shoes looked more like one year old than one month old. We do need to applaud Keen for listening to the desires of disc golfers in a shoe but this first effort fell short (especially for the respected Keen brand).

Our shoes (and some others we have seen on local courses) were not holding up too well. The rubber sole edges were beginning to shred. The uppers soles were cracking badly, some rubber seams were separating and lace eyelets were coming off.

"Cut to the chase" - compared to outdoor/trail shoes from Merrill, Salomon and Keen at the $100 price point-

Comfort: B Durabiliy: D Water Resistant: B (actually pretty good) Pad Grip: C Grass/Mud/Dirt Grip: C Toe Box: C Foot Protection: C- Aesthetics: D

Overall C- (less than average compared to other $75-100 shoes) Let's hope there is a Keen Milo 2.0!