Morley Player Profile: Pete Staats

IMG_4644_2Peter StaatsPDGA#: 21553 Division: Really Super Good

Began Playing Disc Golf: When my buddy Sully showed it to me when I was in College back in MN.  It was fun, free, and a perfect waste of time.  Plus, when you throw it, you get to watch it:  That, I believe, is mostly the point.  I can't stress that enough.

First Disc: A totally sick DX XL.  I threw it super far sidearm, way over 100 ft.  I ruined it in the dishwasher and it saddens me.

Favorite Holes at Morley: 1. #16 long.  Good luck, razor wire anyone?  Plus, if it hyzers out you get to scream at the top of your lungs "Fore," which, of course, nobody pays any mind to:  That, I believe is the rest of the point.

2. #10 long.  It's a great hole that eerily echos 16 long, without the razor wire.

3. #19 long and short.  I'm addicted to fun and this hole helps with that.

Morley Field Aces: More than a few and less than Donny Olow; good god Donny.

Favorite Disc: I would have said an Z-Xtreme, but I didn't.  Z-Magnet for the moment.

Favorite Drivers: Pro Destroyer.  I love using it whenever possible--it's great to serve dinner on too.  Z-Magnets.  Try one, they're neato.

Favorite Midranges: Shockwave (goes left), Squall (goes straight), Comet (goes right), and MRV (goes in my bag and just feels right).

Favorite Putter: Challenger.  I have one old, one new, one borrowed...

In My Bag: Couple of Pro Destroyers (Old and Newer) Z-Force Z-Xtreme Shockwave Squall Comet MRV Couple of Z-Magnets (terrible putters, great drivers) Couple of Pro D. Challengers (Old and Newish)

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley): I'm not a tournament player, and have been told that I am a terrific waste of talent.  I take pride in that as I cry myself to sleep over it night after night.

Favorite Disc Golf Website: Of the plethora out there, I like all of them but one.  This website the best--Mark Wilson's done a terrific job here!  (check is in the mail Pete!)

Favorite Pro Players: As far a people who have taught me, Micah Dorius.  He gives lessons and I highly recommend anyone who actively wants to get better to contact him.  Carlo Pelg as well, he specifically taught me the intended flightpath of different discs; they are not all the same.  Also, my buddy Sully back in MN.  He's just too super to not include here.

…Of all time: Cameron Todd.  His nickname is 'Angry Clown.'  Just because of that, I must put him at the top (Super-Dave is a close second).  If someone shows up with 'Mullet Matt,' or some other hubristic nickname I'll shuffle the list immediately.  Mind you, my list is completely void of any meaning whatsoever.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: For the game:  Throw the disc as hard and as smooth as you can without breaking your arm (ahem...), then adjust accordingly after asking many, many questions.  Repeat as necessary. Do this during the day only. For yourself:  Set goals that are possible for you and go for it. For me:  Have fun and be respectful.

- editors note: we try to use pictures for the profiles that are taken at Morley Field. If you know Pete this shot of him playing Bayside in 2008 captures exactly who he is. If you have been lucky enough to play a round with Pete, then you are better for it!