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Morley Player Profile: Carlo Pelg

Carlo PelgPDGA#: 16824 Division: Open

Began Playing Disc Golf:carlo I began playing this game in 1997. In 1998 I found out about tournaments and began to play monthlies at Morley. In October of 1999 I decided to play my first ever PDGS event. It was the SoCal Championships at La Mirada, Intermediate division and took 5th. The following year I decided to play Advance and took first at the Wintertime open in Pasadena. In 2001 I challenged myself and started playing n the pro division and never looked back, winning the 2001 PDGA rookie of the year.

Favorite Disc Golf Websites: www.morleyfield.com and www.discraft.com

First Disc?: Believe it or not my first ever disc was a DX Raven. My first ever Ace disc was a DX Banchee. Hole 1b

Favorite Hole at Morley and Why?: Its gotta be hole 5. Only because of the ohhhs and awwws from the back up of people that are watching the disc fly that far.

Morley Field Aces?: I have approximately 75 aces at Morley.

Favorite Disc and Why?: Z Predator from Discraft. Fast overstable driver that delivers consistent predictability. Dont ever leave the house without it.

Favorite Driver and Why?: Thats a hard question to answer, but Ill try by saying Z Nuke, Z Predator, Z Surge, ZPro D Challenger. Thanks Discraft!

Favorite Midrange and Why?: Z Wasp and Z Buzz and The Ti Drone. Because they’re awesome.

Favorite Putter and Why?: Gotta be the Pro D Challenger. Been using this Disc since 2003 and have never looked at any other putter since.

Whats In My Bag?: carlo Z Predator 174g Z Nuke 174g Z Wasp 178g Z Buzzz 178g Ti Drone 176g Z Surge 174g 3 Pro D Challengers Z Force 174g Photon Glo Stratus 177g Z nuke OS 174g. All discs made by Discraft.

Tourney Wins or Top Finishes?: 2000 Wintertime Open Advanced Champion 2001 Whittier Open Champion 2001 PDGA Worlds 21st. First ever worlds! 2002 PDGA Worlds 24th. Second Worlds event 2004 Pdga Worlds 13th.T hird worlds event 3x Emerald Isle Champion....in a row Back to back Huntington Beach Champion El Dorado Champ 2008 2009 Socal Champion 2012 Morley Field Course Champ

Favorite Pro Player?: Ken Climo. 12x Open Champion. The Michael Jordan of disc golf. Need I say anymore?

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Remember you can copy the style, you can copy the format, but you got to earn that respect. With thats being said, watch Youtube!