garret tapken

Morley Player Profile: Garrett Tapken

Garrett TapkenPDGA#: 48873 Division: Open

Began Playing Disc Golf: First round was in 2006ish and played only a couple times that year. I played very sporadically until 2011 when I played my first tournament up at Goat Hill.

First Disc: 4x champ Valkyrie. Still have it in the bag as a utility disc.

Favorite Hole at Morley: 19 long. Requires a good mix of power and accuracy. It was way more tough when that big tree was still standing.

Morley Field Aces: 5c, 15 on the pyramid, 19 long

Favorite Disc: My bright yellow 11x firebird. A disc I can lay into, no matter what the conditions are like, and know exactly where it’s going to go.

Favorite Driver: 11x firebird- There isn’t a more reliable trust worthy disc out there. Stable as EFFFFF

Favorite Midrange:  Z Buzzz. Can be used for anything from a 200ft fan grip to a 400ft crush

Favorite Putter: Wizard. Havent found a putter that fits my putting style better and don’t plan on looking anywhere else.

In My Bag: Changes from course to course but the staples will never change. 4 Destoryers 2 11x firebirds 2 11x teebirds 1 Champ TL 1 S-PD 1 Champ Valk 1 Z Buzzz 1 Z Buzzz SS 1 Z Wasp 1 Glo champ Gator 1 Champ Rhyno 1 Magic 2 Wizards

Tourney Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley): 1st 2011 Goat Hill Challenge. (Adv.) 6th The Memorial (Adv.) 3rd Verdugo Hills Open (Open) 5th 2012 Morley Course Champs (Open) 8th North county cup (Open)

Favorite Disc Golf Website:

Favorite Pro Player: Will Schusterick or Cale Leiviska

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Learn to putt. You’ll need to be make all your putts inside the circle before you need to throw 400+ feet. Also practice shots in an open field as opposed to the course. You’ll be able to throw shots and make adjustments way quicker than if you did the same thing on the course. Play tournaments. Play with people that are better than you.