29th Annual Team Tournament - Course Closed


Once a year "Morley-ites" have the privilege of watching some of the top players in the world compete on our home course.

Morley Field is the long time annual host of the Southwestern Disc Golf Invitational Team Tournament. This year marks the 29th edition of this fun but very competitive match play tourney. Players compete for some decent cash but it’s the team bragging rights which continues to be the draw. Teams from as far away as Oregon trek to San Diego the first weekend of December bringing the best players they have to offer. Recent big names include 2008 World Champion Dave Feldberg, 2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins, Val Jenkins, Nate Sexton, Steve Rico, Disc Golf Hall of Fame members Dave Dunipace and Steve Wisecup, young gun Paul McBeth, Bobby Musick, join perennial Team San Diego favorites Micah Dorius, Carlo Pelg, Chris Vilmorin, George Spracklen, Snapper Pierson, Dave Devine, Michael Slonim, and Emily Hardy.

Come out this year to support your team San Diego (especially after last years 6th place "beat-down").  You don't want to miss this!

Here are this years team rosters...

Arizona Team

1 Paul Ullibari 2 Mike Downes 3 Zach Walker 4 Mike Lassuy 5 Dan Ginnelly 6 Andrew Bohme 7 Rex Rogers 8 Jeff Burns 9 Rory Self 10 Russell Shelton 11 Harvey Brandt 12 Lisa Reish

Huntington Beach

1 Paul McBeth 2 Bobby Musick 3 Chris Kunde 4 Chris Brophy 5 Joel Hall 6 Kyle Eckman 7 Davis Miller 8 Steve Killian 9 Mark Collicot 10 Marcus Cisneros 11 Tom Clickner 12 Emina Weaver

Team Oregon

1. Avery Jenkins 2. Dave Feldberg 3. Andrew Rich 4. Justin Skinnell 5. Lane Mason 6. LeLand O'Driscoll 7. J.D. Platt 8. Mike Ruzicka 9. Rob Ryan 10. Leroy Jenkins 11. Kurt Bayne 12. Melody King

Sylmar Team

1 Steve Rico 2 Gabe Cota 3 Robert McIntee 4 Chris Horn 5 Bamba Rico 6 Gary Sandoval 7 Billy Comeau 8 Steve Wisecup 9 Mike Byrne 10 Mike Roberts 11 Mark Horn 12 Jennifer Griffin

Santa Cruz Team

1 Nate Doss 2 Don Smith 3 Shasta Criss 4 Jason Esper 5 Troy Farrington 6 Valerie Jenkins 7 Jon Baldwin 8 Doug Werner 9 Jim Hagen 10 Steve Lonhart 11 Hunt Hyde 12 Carrie Berlogar

San Diego Team

1 Micah Dorius 2 Chris Villmorin 3 George Spracklen 4 Carlo Pelg 5 Josh Damron 6 Luke Christensen 7 Daniel Lichtman 8 Dave Devine 9 Mike Slonim 10 Mike Westerman 11 Snapper Pierson 12 Emily Hardy

Redwood Empire Team

1 Derek Billings 2 John Child 3 Josh Sappinfield 4 Roger Cansler 5 Pete Sontag 6 Justin Wilson 7 Nick Peters 8 Jeff Fiedler 9 Scott Riley 10 Kevin Parkhurst 11 Dave Welty 12 Anni Kreml

Oak Grove Team

1 Randy Waite 2 Dagoberto Bribiesca 3 Philo Brathwaite 4 Gabe Gonzales 5 Mel Mills 6 Randy Saab 7 Brian Schitidonkow 8 Robert Cox 9 Kevin McKelvey 10 Dennis Bohanan 11 Cliff Towne 12 Indigo Brude