olympic pole dancing

Move Over Disc Golf. Pole Dancing In The Olympics?

That's right... Olympic Pole Dancing! A petition is circulating for a test event at the 2012 Olympics in London for Competitive Pole Dancing., with a formal event following at the 2016 games in Rio De Janeiro. While the pole dance competition would obviously exclude stripping, it would "embrace the athleticism and gymnastics" involved with the "sport".

It could happen: 1900 Paris Games hosted Pidgeon Racing AND a Pidgeon Shooting event (hopefully separate events) 1900 - 1920 Tug-of-War was an Olympic event 1932 Los Angeles games held Rope Climbing

Whats next?: Pinball?, Typing?, Tire Swinging?, Guitar Hero?, Limbo?, 1m Belly Flop (actually, that would be cool!)

Disc golf (and ultimate) were in the World Games in Japan in 2001, Unfortunately, disc golf did not make the 2005 games, and only ultimate represented flying disc sports in 2009. Because disc golf is no longer represented within WFDF, it’s unlikely that disc golf will make it back to the World Games, which at one time, was thought of as a way into the Olympics.

What is Disc Golf doing wrong that puts us lower on the list than Pole Dancing? (trying to limit all the bad puns, jokes, etc...). O.K., yes, the majority of Disc Golfers out there are "fans" of both "sports", we get it!