Morley Player Profile: Patrick Paramore

Patrick Paramore (Mr. 500)PDGA #38001 Socal #721 Advanced/ Intermediate

Began Playing Disc Golf: A friend from work invited me out to Morley Field in August 2007 to meet for our fantasy football draft.  He introduced me to disc golf that day and I haven’t stopped the fever since. In 2009 I started my PDGA tour and played in 16 PDGA sanctioned events, competing in INT, ADV, and PRO.  I ended up finishing first in San Diego Aces Intermediate Points, fifth in Intermediate Socal Points, and earned over 1,000+ PDGA points to get an invitation to the 2010 Am Worlds in Ohio.  It has been a great first year tour and thank you to all the friends, players, and volunteers throughout Socal for making it a possibility.

First Disc: Blue Discraft Elite X Stratus (Snapper picked it out for me at the Pro Shop)

Favorite Morley Field Hole: Hole 4, lefty hole.  Just like to see my drive fly over the tree-line into hole 5 fairway for fun. It’s the picture on the front banner for Morley website.

Morley Field Aces: 4 Aces.

1C skip-blind ace, couldn’t find my disc until I saw it sitting in the basket.

4A, of all the lefty positions, I aced the righty position, throwing a sidearm Star Destroyer. Funny story is that I lost the disc in the lake at Bayside, ended up snorkeling around and found the disc, then went to Morley the same day and aced it.

1D, Teerex (my go to disc).

1D, skip in.

Personal Favorite Disc: White Star Boss 174gm, you can do everything with it, the perfect sidearm disc.

Favorite Driver: See above

Favorite Midrange: DGA Aftershock. Controllable, great glide, threw off Shark Tooth Mountain and it went 800+ft perfectly straight.

Favorite Putter: Orange Omega Super Soft, 167gm. I call it 1K (if you know me, you know why).

Tourney wins or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley): Co-Winner 2009 Sun Valley Open Final 5 Double Skins Match (made the $1,000 putt for the win) 1st - Intermediate 2009 Morley Field Spring Fling 2nd - Intermediate 2009 Fling XIII (Chavez Ridge) 4th - Intermediate 2009 13th El Dorado Open 5th - Intermediate 2009 Emerald Isle Open, 2009 Santa Maria Open, 2009 Sun Valley Open

“In My Bag”: 174 gm Star Boss 175 gm Champion Boss 175 gm Star Xcalibur (1st Run) 175 gm Champion Groove 175 gm Champion Destroyer 175 gm Star Destroyer (2009 EIEIO Stamp) 172 gm Star Destroyer 175 gm Star TeeRex 172 gm Champion Firebird (Crystal Blue) 172 gm Elite Z Flash (2009 Memorial Stamp) 180 gm Elite Z Drone (2009 Worlds 1st Run) 175 gm DGA Shockwave (Morley Field Stamp) 175 gm DGA Aftershock (Chavez Ridge Stamp) 175 gm Champion Coyote 175 gm Omega Super Soft 167 gm Omega Super Soft 1K Out of My Bag – a whole lot of monthly/tourney discs (60+)

Favorite Website: SanDiegoAces, PDGA, MorleyField, DiscGolfers R US

Favorite Pro Players: Bobby Musick, cool, calm, collective, down to earth, great knowledge of the game.

Paul McBeth, amazing skill, fun to watch, great talent, so much potential.

Tips For Other Players: As the great ones say (Tiger, Jordan, Ali) confidence is the key to success.  Build your confidence and reinforce it by repetitive motion.

Putting – develop a style that you are comfortable with and then practice on a regular basis.  Putt at least 15-20 minutes before a round and work on your in-the-circle putts only.  Once you are making more than 90% of these putts with 100% confidence, then step back a few feet.  Treat every single putt like it is the last putt of your life to save the world (that might be a little extreme).

Driving – first learn what the disc you are throwing is supposed to do.  Go out to a field and throw all your discs straight, then hyzer, then anhyzer, over and over.  Learn how the disc responds in different winds, such as headwinds, tailwinds, and crosswinds. Then once you feel comfortable with the disc characteristics, practice your control and accuracy by throwing at a 250-300ft distance.  As you develop solid form, you can move the distance back.

This is not a power game, but a finesse game.  The perfect form and a smooth balanced transition of your body from beginning to end will out throw and maintain control over the big arms any day, just watch Ken Jarvis.  Most of all, stay positive, always concentrate on the next shot, and keep it in 5th gear from start to finish (thanx Beanieman).

And one last thing, this is a grassroots sport made up of thousands of disc golf volunteers to make this sport happen.  Do your part and find some way that you contribute to help build this sport and make it become a huge success for the future of disc golf.