slow disc golf

Ten Annoying Things #9 - "Herding"

Herding is a natural animal/human trait.  In the "disc-golfer" species it presents itself as follows… Tim, Tom, Terry, Tracy, Ted and Kevin all throw from the teepad. Kevin throws a typical very short shot, maybe 75 feet off the teepad. ALL of Kevin’s friends laugh and joke as they ALL walk (usually slowly) to Kevin’s disc where they huddle and witness another short throw. Now ALL of the players walk over to Tim’s disc, still joking with Kevin about his lack of apparant lack of athleticism. ALL of the players stand and watch Tim’s throw, then ALL walk over to Ted’s, ALL over to Kevin’s again, ALL move over to Terry’s, on and on and on, multiply by 19 holes… insanity for the group(s) behind! Disc Golf “Rule-Of-Thumb”… after everyone has thrown EACH player should walk to THEIR disc. The furthest player away from the basket is the first to throw. The next furthest should soon after throw, next furthest, and so on.If you have a large or slow group Disc Golf’s “ROT” is to always let smaller groups play through.

Have fun but realize there are many other people behind also waiting to have a good time. Morley Field is one of the highest volume played courses in the world. Let’s all do our part to ensure EVERYONE has fun.