team san diego

"Grinders" To Begin For Team San Diego

The recent Course Championship holds additional importance for the role it plays in earning players a spot on the San Diego Team for the Southwestern Team Championship Tournament, held every December at Morley.  Qualifying for the team so far, based on their performance in the Course Championship Tournament or monthly tournaments are the following players:  Micah Dorius, Chris Vilmorin, Carlo Pelg and George Spracklin in the Open division;  Dave Devine, Snapper Pierson and Mike Slonim in the Masters and Grandmasters Division, and Emily Hardy for the Women’s Division.  The three remaining Open spots and one remaining Masters spots will be filled through a series of head-to-head elimination matches, referred to affectionately as “the grinder.”  Players competing in the grinder are expected Playoffsto include:  Josh Damron, Josh Egbert, Angel Garcia, Mark Jarvis, Mike Lust, Kevin Gomez, Jeremiah, Willie Lister,  Alex Torriente, Luke, Aubrey Daniels and Donny Olow for the Open spots.  The last Masters spot will be up for grabs by John Heaton, CVK, Jeff Nichols, Kent La Gree or Greg Olsen.