tyler tremelling

Player Profile: Tyler Tremelling

Name: Tyler Tremelling

Favorite Disc Golf Websites?: Discgolfvalues, Innova factory store (whenitworks) and Facebook

Began Playing Disc Golf?: New years day 2009 with a work group

PDGA#: 57406

Division: Open

First Disc?: Champion Teebird

Favorite Hole at Morley and Why?: 17 so many trees on such a short hole.!!

Morley Field Aces?: 17

Favorite Disc and Why?: The 11x Firebird has always done me right. Loves the basket.!!

Favorite Driver and Why?: Star Destroyer because it just goes so far and feels great in the hand. Very reliable.

Favorite Midrange and Why?: Gator because of its consistency and strong fade.

Favorite Putter and Why?: Wizard because it just feels right... Been through a bunch of putters...

Whats In My Bag?: 2 Wizards 2 pop top Destroyers 11x  Firebird Z Xtreme, ESP Zone 2 Crystal Z Challengers Champion Gator first run Champion Whippet 2 Champion Terns Pinnacle Ghost glo Nuke OS Z Nuke OS glo Nuke 11x Eagle first run TL champion Roadrunner and a DX Stingray.

Tourney Wins or Top Finishes?: On Team San Diego when we beat Santa Cruz 2012. Fourth in the 2012 Course Chapionship and fifth in 2013  Course Championship.

Favorite Pro Player?: Mark Jarvis. Amazing just to watch him throw. Looks like he is barely throwing and it goes a mile!!! Perfect form.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Don't let one hole ruin your day whether it's an ace or a triple bogey. Focus on one thing at a time. It's not over till its over there is always a chance.