Another Disc Golf Video Game?

ok... along with Tiger Woods 10, this makes number five (see our reviews).
Most Wii owners began their foray into motion controlled videogaming with Wii sports (the pack-in with brand new Wii's). Now comes Wii Sports Resort. This time around there are more in depth games including canoeing, skydiving, jet skiing, sword-fighting, wake boarding, archery etc... This new release is mainly to showcase the new Wii Motion Plus adapter. This new adapter allows a full 360 range of on screen motion. This was first implemented a few months ago with the Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii release.
The "Frisbee" section of the game includes a distance and accuracy challenge (with a mii dog) as well as a "Frisbee Golf" variation. Played on the same 18 hole course as the ball golf portion of the game with one minor change. Instead of a basket you throw through a cylindrical beam that rises from the ground. In this manner all you need to do is break the plane of the beam to "hole out". Is this the future of disc golf?... laser beams?
The good news is that the adapter comes packed in with the game for $49.99. This package is well worth the cost. This game / adapter package will be released on July 26th.