Morley Player Profile: Randy Wylott

Randy WylotNickname: “whynot”randy2 PDGA# 11780 Adv. Masters

Started Playing Disc Golf: Started playing casual rounds at Morley mid 1990's to fill time between freestyle events. Registered with the PDGA four years ago and started playing out of town tournaments and So Cal events. Morley is my home course.

First Disc: …that I can remember throwing on the course is a cyclone.

Favorite Hole at Morley: Hole 11 deep with the mandatory.

Morley Field Aces: ..."aces", what aces! I have no aces.

Favorite Disc: Sparkle Squal with the Aces club stamp

Favorite Driver: 12 Star Climo Wraith

Favorite Midrange: Discraft Wasp

Favorite Putter: Soft magnet and super puppy

In My Bag: 12 time Star Wraith Star roadrunner Champion Valkyrie Star t-rex Star TL Champion Leopard Champion Gator Champion Wasp Champion Buzz Champion Squall

Favorite Website: The PDGA and soon to be Aces website

Favorite Pro Players: Micah Dorias, Carlo Pelg, and Mike Slonim. Micah is a mechanical wizard with amazing accuracy, Carlo's natural talent and determination make him one of my favorites, and Mike's humble nature and sportsmanship. I can watch these guys play all day every day.

Tips: Play with as many top quality players as possible. Play as many out of town courses as you can. Practice your throws in an open field and learn what your discs can do. Learn different release angles. Stay positive and reinforce good habits. And give back to the disc golf community, support the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club.