zoo disc golf

Yet Another (bad) Disc Golf Video Game

o.k. now this is REALLY getting ridiculous… The “long” anticipated Zoo Disc Golf is now available for the Wii. That’s right, you play this HORRIFIC "game" of disc golf as a penguin, meerkat, elephant etc… Words cannot describe the anger over the loss of 1000 Wii points to “purchase” this is WiiWare downloadable game. Even my 7 year old hated it and he likes to stare at blank walls for hours on end.

Save your money for the Playstation 3 Move Controller coming out this fall. It includes a great disc golf game. We’ve seen it, we jumped for joy! ... literally

Note to Mario or Luigui - If you ever want to see Princess Peach again, meet me in the alley behind Saguaro’s Mexican food with my money back. I’m not kidding!