Morley Player Profile: Mike Ballestas

mikeb3Michael BallestasPDGA# 35093 Open/Advance

Began Playing Disc Golf: In May of 2007 my friend Chris, introduced me to disc golf and was hooked instantly. How could you not be!

First Disc: The Archangel, good for anyone starting off. It’s a great distance driver with less power required to throw it.

Favorite Morley Field Hole: Hmm, there’s so many of them, but it have to be 12 because there are so many different pin locations and many trees to make it challenging.

Morley Field Aces: 11 aces at Morley..2c twice, 5c, 8a, 11a, 14d, 15a, 15e twice, 17b, 18b

Favorite Disc: Z Predator, a nice over stable disc that has many uses besides a backhand. For thumbers it’s great, it flips over slow and can go pretty far…it has saved me form trouble numerous times.

Favorite Driver: Star Destroyer, it’s a great fast, reliable disc that I can always count on. Once they get beat in they can hold a line for awhile and get there quick

Favorite Midrange: It’s a 178 Z Buzz and anybody that knows me would say that as well. It’s a GREAT midrange because it can hold just about any line you give it and just glide to the pin

Favorite Putter: 175 Soft Omega

"In My Bag": Soft omegas(2) putters 175g

Star destroyer 174g

Star Excaliber 175g

Star TL

Champion Firebird 170g

Champion Wraith 175g

Z Force 172g

Z Predator 174g

Z Buzz 177g

Z wasp 176g

Stratus 174g

Star Gator 175g

Favorite DG Website:

Not much time to look, to busy playing

Favorite Pro Player:

Snapper.. I’ve played with Snapper many times and just watching him throw effort less and accurate blows my mind. He’s a great teacher and you can learn many things by watching him.

Tips for other players that have helped you: Start with a controllable disc, like a Valkyrie or even a Archangel. Start off throwing slow, getting the right technique first because you are less accurate if you try and kill it. Just go out there and have fun! Remember, there are always players willing to help you out…just ask!