Morley Player Profile: Kent La Gree

Kent La Greekent3PDGA# 19730 Open Masters Division

Began playing disc golf: 1982 for about 6 months. 2001 the disease began

First Disc: The Hammer

Favorite Morley Field Hole: 17 it has the most character and carnage and 7 ( I am the roller king after all (chuckles)

Morley Field Aces: Too many to count! most every hole and position at one time or another - only missing some of the longer or more obscure holes

Favorite Disc: The one that gets the birdie. too hard to really answer that one My dad taught me long ago (being a ball golf pro) a great pro can out putt you with just a stick (ball golf), to become to attached to any disc will only be heartbreak when it is lost or retired.

Favorite Driver: Star Destroyer seems to fly the truest and farthest for this ol dog

Favorite Midrange: Z Comet and the Squall... both extremely controllable for a smooth throw

Favorite Putter: XD...straight and is one of the reasons for my game being where it is have to have the confidence to make the putt

"In My Bag": Clothes mainly...just kidding 2 XD's 2 Destroyers 2 Squalls 2 Comets 1 Crystal Buzz 2 Valkyries

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley): Top 5 Finishes: 2x first places The Masters @ La Mirada 2x St Louis Open Champion Morley Field Course Champion 2009 Spring Fling Championship ...memory failing, those are the ones off the top of my head

Favorite DG Website: and

Favorite Pro Player: No doubts on this one, I have had the pleasure of playing with so many greats of the sport but there is one that stands out above the rest..Steve Wisecup He has always been the most professional on and off the course of any player that I have ever played with or against..he rarely makes a mistake and his recovery from them is always well thought out. I have never seen him get angry over a bad shot or loss and always has a kind word for any player..truly everyone can learn from him what this game is all about.. just my opinion though

Tips for other players: Disc Golf is a game not unlike ball golf in it's execution and mindset..confidence is the key to the game. I have watched so many throw great shots and freeze over a putt or lay up for fear of going 20 by and I know it is what holds them back from moving to the next level. it is for me 20% talent and 80% confidence. I was lucky enough to learn much about the sport from playing with much greater players than myself, each gave me a key to what I formed into my own game, so there is much thanks to Donny Olow (the crazy just enjoy it side of DG) Micah Dorius (confidence and technique) and Snapper (find a way to push it to challenge yourself)