Morley Player Profile: Micah Dorius

Micah Doriusmicah_dorius2PDGA#14609 Division: Pro Sponsor: Innova

Began playing disc golf: I was very young, probably in grade school when my dad took me down to Morley field to play disc golf. All I remember is throwing over and over through the trees. I only remember playing on a few occasions. It was either late 70s or early 80’s, don’t know for sure.  I grew up on Texas St. about 4 blocks from Morley field. In junior high I started playing after school with some friends. I didn’t take it that seriously. In high school I played a lot of basketball and did a lot of surfing. I didn’t play any disc golf for about 5 or 6 years. Then one day after surfing with a childhood friend he suggested we go play a round of disc golf. He used to always beat me. So I started practicing to get better. Then he stopped playing. Then I met Mark and Ken Jarvis. And I was amazed how far they threw and how much talent they had. Since I was a competitive jock I couldn’t stand losing to these skinny little kids. So I practiced even harder. They convinced me to play my first tournament which was the 1997 Spring Fling. Since I thought I was pretty good, I went straight to advanced division. I think I got close to dead last. I was so frustrated I practiced even harder. And the rest is history. Still hooked!

First disc: Don’t really remember the first disc I bought or played with.  I’m pretty sure the Frisbee I first threw was probably a Whamo. It was a long time ago. Then later on my friends just let me use discs that they had. I remember vaguely throwing aviars and classic rocs in junior high and my favorite driver for distance was the eclipse. Then when I started playing again at the age of 23 I believe the first disc I bought was a yellow dx shark.

Favorite Morley field hole: Hole 5 lets admit it, the greatest thing in disc golf is watching your disc fly a long way. Since its down hill it always made you think you were a little longer than you really were. And if you learned to play disc golf at Morley like I did, we all measured our distance improvement on that hole. I couldn’t wait to get to that hole to see if I could get to that long pin or the gully. And how sweet it was to finally reach that long pin and get the deuce.

Morley field aces: The first ace is always the sweetest. It was hole nine in the short right pin. I threw a yellow dx shark as hard as I could. That led to my personal best round at the time which was 7 under. I’ve honestly lost count of my aces somewhere around 80. It just was not important to me anymore to keep track. But I counted every ace whether it was my first shot or I emptied my bag.

Favorite disc: Aviar has always been the most consistent and reliable disc that Innova has made. So it’s got to be my favorite.

Favorite driver: Any teebird whether champion, Dx, or Star are the most controllable and reliable drivers I've ever used.

Favorite midrange: Anyone that’s played with me knows that my champion shark is my baby. I’ve been throwing the same one for about 6 or 7 years. Take that out of my bag and the confidence is gone.

Favorite putter: The JK Aviar-X. Thanks Juliana Korver!

“In my bag”: Champion Whippet X Champion Firebird Star Xcaliber Champion Teebird (New) Champion Teebird (Beat) Champion Leopard Champion TL (beat for roller) Dx Moray (Roller ) 2 Champion Sharks (1 new, 1 beat) Champion Gator 2 Aviars (1 stable, 1 flippy) 150 class Aviar JK Aviar-X Currently Testing Boss VS Destroyer

Tournament wins and notable accomplishments: Countless monthlies 10 consecutive Morley field course championships 1 out of state win the Teva Tree Bash in Flagstaff, Arizona 2 wins at Waller Pines at Santa Maria 2 faultline classic wins and 1 Masters Cup in Santa Cruz 1 win at Sunrise Showdown 1 Sun Valley Open win in La Mesa 2 top ten finishes in majors. 7th at the worlds in flagstaff  and 8th place at the USDGC

Most respected tour player: After playing with just about all the best in the world the only one who truly and consistently carries himself as a professional on the course and the most fun to watch and compete against has still got to be Ken Climo.  It’s just too bad we don’t get more opportunities to see him or compete against him on the west coast.

Tips for other players: If you are serious about getting better, go to a park and practice every kind of shot you can think of. And bring a basket and practice put. It’s not as fun as playing at the course with your friends but you will get faster results. No pain no gain.