It's That Time Again... Doubles!

Morley Field doubles return on Wednesday, March 11th with the firstOpen / Advanced competition of the year and Friday, March 13th for all divisions. Play starts at 5:00pm sharp. It's a good idea to get to Morley early to make sure you get a spot!

Wednesday Night Doubles 2009

Entry fee $10.00 per player, with play band you’ll need $12.50. Wednesday Night Doubles is only for the upper echelon of serious competitive players at Morley. There is a separate Wednesday Night Ace pool in effect. Expected field 24 players or less. (scores typically run -10 to -19) The course has become too busy on weeknights to cater to a larger competitive field. The format is best shot with players from an A pool randomly assigned partners from a B pool.

A player qualifies as an A player if any of the following requirements are met: A) Any qualified B player who chooses to play in the A pool. B) Any player with a 965 or higher player rating C) Any player who shot a -13 or better cumulative score for 2 rounds in any of their last 3 monthlies at Morley. D) Any player who finished league play with a -5 handicap or better in the last 2 years

A player qualifies as a B player if: A) Any player with a 925 or higher player rating B) Any player who has shot a -4 or better 2 round tourney cumulative score in their last 3 monthlies at Morley C) Any player who finished league play with a -2 or better handicap in the last 2 years

All scoring requirements are for singles play only and scores shot in practice rounds are meaningless. Out of town players will be considered for eligibility on an individual basis.

Players who show up drunk will be asked to not return to Wednesday Night Doubles for the remainder of the 2009 season. Players who try to circumvent these scoring requirements to gain entry will also be asked to not return. Players who do not meet these requirements but still wish to play can gain entry be shooting the required score in any upcoming monthly.

Friday Night Doubles 2009

bag2Entry fee $6. Format is best shot doubles. A separate Friday Night Ace pool is in effect. A pool players are under par players. B pool players are over par players. If a top tier player (-5 average score) shows up they will be assigned a random handicap (mandatory throwing styles, or off hand throws, or they may play alternate shot format for “X” number of holes with their partner… etc.) as determined by the tourney director. The purpose of which is to develop alternate skills while allowing lesser skilled players a chance to match their score. In that same vein all women entrants are allowed 2 putts at each putting attempt inside the 10 meter putting zone and will be assigned top A players as partners whenever possible. Once again this year we will have the 3 deuces in a row rule on Friday nights. Once a team has scored 3 consecutive 2’s they will then be required to take all subsequent shots with either their off hand or using a sidearm motion until such time that they do not score a 2 on a hole. The purpose of this rule is to keep baggers or just players getting hot from blowing the field away. Friday night doubles is an attempt to balance the competitive field so that hopefully each team is competitive. (scores typically run -5 to -10) Expected field size is over 30 players per week. Friday night is date night and the course empties out after 6 pm. So Friday night doubles starts out somewhat busy but we end up with a less busy course than usual weeknights allowing for a larger competitive field to participate.