Player Profile: Chuck VanKempen "CVK"

Chuck VanKempenimg_6444PDGA#: 5351 Division: Open Masters

I began playing disc golf: In the Spring of 1980, so this will be my 29th year.

My favorite disc of all time: This would be the Chain Chopper.  For those players who haven’t played very long, it’s a puffy mold that was made from a very soft material, almost like a pearl pink eraser. Favorite hole at Morley: Hole #10B for the fact that it has cashed out for me twice on the last day of league play and no one else; something the entire league, not to mention at least eight other aces.

Number of aces at Morley: I have aced over 100 times.  (Editor’s Note:  I saw him ace 101 this day.)

Favorite Driver: Wraith and Star Starfire.

Favorite Midrange: Max weight Roc

My Favorite Putter: Putter X, although in my time as a disc golfer, I’ve tried many of the putters on the market such as the 86 Softie, APX, Gum Pot, AVR Puffy and Super Puffy.

“In my bag”: Flick, Monster, Predator, Star Starfire, Flash, Ray Orc, VSS, T-Bird, Roadrunner, Spider, Goblin, Sharp, Barracuda, Sting Ray, AVR, and Putter X.

Wins and best finishes: Most recent would be the Halloween Classic ’06, second place; many monthly tournament wins at Morley, although the most memorable would be the Morley Field monthly.  I set a record for being the only player to come from the third group back and take third place.  It also put me on the course records page with a -16.  I finished at -24 that day.

Favorite disc golf website: I have no favorite disc golf website only due to the fact that I don’t have a computer.

Favorite Pro Player: Steve Weiscup.

Tips for new players: Try not to start out with any discs that are too overstable.  In other words, if you are a right-handed player who throws with a standard backhand, that disc would go out and turn to the left.  You would be better off checking the disc chart at the pro shop and they will show you choices of discs that are more straight flying.

fyi: For you golfers that may not know me, I’m the guy who goes around the course with my wrist rocket hunting discs out of the trees, so if you ever get your disc back from the shop and see a small cut on the rim you can thank me.