2016 San Diego Team Tournament Info

Host Hotel

Clarion Hotel in National City (7 minutes drive time) is our official hotel for this year our 35th annual. We've reserved 20 rooms (17 double double 3 King) at $81 per night but that includes hot breakfast Saturday and Sunday. I've asked them to open breakfast early at 6:30 since we have a 8:00 a.m. tee off both days.

Team Info

1-Huntington Beach-HB
4-Santa Cruz-SC
5-Oak Grove-OG
6-Redwood Empire-RE
7-San Diego-SD

The team makeup is the same as last year: 5 open, 4 masters, 2 grands and one woman.



The schedule otherwise will remain the same as in the past. We will have our $300 putting contest on Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Finals at 4 p.m.

Huntington Beach and Arizona will be responsible for scorecards in the first 4 rounds. Then Huntington Beach and Oak Grove will be responsible for scorecards for the rest of the tourney.

After lunch on Saturday we will send out cards with Huntington Beach, Arizona and Oak Grove. There will be no break after round 4 at 3 p.m. We will go directly into round 5. 4 teams will go back and play the same 12 holes they just finished Oak Grove, Santa Cruz, Arizona and Redwood Empire. The other 4 teams continue on their same progression thru the course. The reason for no break is the course this year plays a little tougher than in the past due to lots of tree and bush growth tightening up routes along with several new pin positions. Play will likely be slower than in the past. I will give each captain 12 hole assignment sheets. One for each of your 1 thru 12 players so there will be no reason to get lost or wonder what hole you start on just follow the instructions. Just make sure the right numbered sheet gets to the corresponding player. Sheet 1 to player 1 and sheet 12 to player 12 (this addition is probably long over due).

On Sunday, "Spirit of the Event" award will proceed finals. Free drawing will follow finals before awards.

Updated Scorecard