Morley Field Baskets for Sale! Own Disc Golf History

Morley Field Disc Golf Course in San Diego just installed new baskets and we want the baskets that were replaced to find a new home where they will be used and appreciated. Auctions start July 19th @ 7PM PST. Four baskets will be auctioned off each week until they all have new homes!

These baskets are part of disc golf history!

  • 2 - WFDF World Championships
  • WFDF California State Championship
  • 31 Years of Team Tournament Play (Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational) that brings out some of the best players on the West Coast.
  • Originally installed in 1985
  • Some players that have banged these chains: Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Nate Doss, Valerie Jenkins, Catrina Allen, Juliana Korver, Philo Brathwaite, Ken Jarvis, Micah Dorius, Carlo Pelg, Snapper Pierson and so many more!

Important notes about sale:

  • Baskets are local pickup only
  • Each auction is for one basket
  • The basket number listed in the auction title represents its hole location at the time it was replaced
  • The Morley Field Disc Golf basket flag that indicates the hole number IS included with the sale
  • The picture(s) used may not represent the current condition of the basket and it is your responsibility to inspect it in person at Morley Field Disc Golf Course before placing your bid.
  • The picture(s) used may be of a DIFFERENT basket number than the one for sale in the auction. Please refer to the auction title for clarity on which basket that you are bidding on.
  • Baskets are designed for permanent installation and do not have a self supporting base. Sleeve included. Please contact for questions on installation.

First Four Baskets Available Now